Burn Belly Fat & Thigh Fat Workout | Fat Burning Workout (15 Mins)

Burn Belly Fat & Thigh Fat Workout | Fat Burning Workout (15 Mins)

Hey everyone welcome back to my channel, so today’s video is 15 minutes, cardio workout, that’s not too high intensity and also not too low, which makes it really great for burning fat.

This workout is going to help you to get closer to that slim legs and also flat belly. So, you guys did amazing with my blackberry program, and I’m so frigging proud.

So, I’m going to challenge you to do the same with this program. So don’t stop, sharing your progress and keep supporting one another because that’s what really helps others out there now to input our notes.

It can find a full schedule and new ideas over here, and do follow me on Instagram and share your progress using my hashtag. So, I can check you guys out so to help me to keep creating free programs, for you, all really appreciate it.

If you could smash that like button, smash it real hard and drop me a comment as well, as this really helps to make my videos to reach out to more people out there. So, we’ve got 24. No jumping exercises today, 30 to 60 seconds.

All with no rest time in between not as hard as it sounds, let’s do this we’re starting with high knee much it’s just like a regular high knee. Is that you’re taking it slow? Although this worker is not high intensely, your heart rate is going to be at the optimal range for burning fat.

This workout is super great for burning fat, especially if you do it fast to it. Let’s get those lean legs and flat ass.

Next, we have lateral step crunch, take a big step to the right and crunch remember to engage that core so crunch, we’ve got shuffle and touch Brown next, don’t jump just shuffle. This is definitely going to bring your heart rate up, really love.

This exercise. Next we have a four-minute off-site cake by like calling them ninja, cakes, hey yeah. This worker is really great to keep your heart rate at a good Ridge to help you to keep burning.

But as long as you keep up the pace and do it in good form, now we are doing lateral steps again, but instead of punches were doing feet taps so work on those inner thighs. Remember, to take a big step to the left or to the right, pancakes are next, do a control and don’t lock your knees really great for lower apps, too, crunches and eggs.

Make sure you squeeze their abs as a crunch, next we’ve got a minute of skater with arm swing, bring one leg back behind and then take a step to the left or right.

You can go lower if you want to work your legs a little bit more and also remember, to draw every button with your arms to just add a little bit more intensity to it. Next, we’ve got knee, pull, and we’ll start with the left leg.

First start with your laid diagonally behind you so about 45 degrees angle and as you pull your knees in be sure to squeeze that aptitude, on to the other side. Next, we’ll have a minute of shuffle and crunch, stay safe when you’re doing these guys.

Next, we have wood choppers and a crunch, and we’ll start on the left side. First start with both of your arms, extend it to the right and then bring them in and, at the same time, bring your left knee up and crunch. This is so great for your abs, on to the other side

Next, we have step back and crunch. Take a big step on this side, then bring your leg back in and crunch on to the other side, all right!

We’re done with different variations of French’s. Now time for some crap walks, squat down slightly as you walk, side-to-side like a crab, make sure your feet are pointing outwards, so you’re working more of your inner thighs. Next, we have a minute off slow burpees.

If you are doing a hit worker and get tired of burpees, you can always do this slow, Burpee version, which is easier, but it is still going to bring your heart rate up.

Next, we have 45 degrees, cakes work, those inner thighs and outer thighs, guys, single leg, toe touches and next remember to squeeze their core as you leave your legs. 

Ninja kicks I’m next, we’re almost near the end guys keep it up, while doing skater with arm swings again, but just 30 seconds this time, rich and tap is next reach forward.

With your arms and touch your foot with your hand as you bring your leg up, now on to the other side, now onto our last exercise, we’ve got oblique crunch, and we’ve got a full minute Of this, try to have your elbow touch your leg, and that’s the workout guys great work.

Don’t forget to smash that like button and keep going with the program to get those lean legs. Do leave a comment with how you went, and I’ll see you guys in the next video, bye.

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