Hello friends, this is me, Chloe. Welcome to the Summer Fitness Program 2021.

There are only 4 episodes For this 8-week program. I designed program schedule to help you can find the link to the table in the description box.

Now, before we start the exercise, please hit the like button And the alerts button and subscribe to the channel.

It would be great if you could follow my Instagram page And if you share with me your photos during this program … Now, let’s get started Today. We are going to do abdominal exercises.

We have 10 exercises and 50 seconds for each exercise and 10 seconds rest. The first exercise, (legs, flapping), put one leg up and touch it with your opposite hand, try to keep your legs as straight as possible.

If your leg is not flexible, (like me), then You can keep a slight bend at the knees. This exercise works all the abdominal muscles. This exercise works all the abdominal muscles.

The second exercise – (, reverse milling), Lie on the floor and put your hands next to your body And then raise your thigh off the ground. Make sure you are using your abdominal muscles to push your thighs up Next exercise: (ski abs,), Never lean on the hands.

Then jump with your feet to the left, come back to the middle and then jump to the right. This exercise focuses on the lateral, abdominal muscles Which highlights the division of the abdominal muscles.

Fourth exercise. (air fan) Lie on your back and keep it straight on the floor, Then bring your feet to the right And go as low as possible and make sure you keep your back straight And use your abdominal muscles to control the movement of the man.

As you move in a semicircle, Fifth exercise, (butterfly grinding), Begin by lying flat on the floor, And your legs are outstretched Bend your stomach, bring your legs in and touch them with your hand, Go back and extend your legs and keep them suspended in the Air You’ll feel the intensity of exercising here And it’s worth it. 

Only half the time left After that we will do an exercise. (focus on the hands, with the rotation of the thigh) Start in a prone position on the hands and bring your left leg From under your body to the right side. Make sure your back is straight and not raised.

Correct posture is very important in this exercise. If you do not feel the tension in your abdominal muscles, You should then correct your posture because you are most likely to raise your back.

The next exercise will be (, focusing on the hands, with the knee bent) Start in a position on the elbows and bring one knee inward at a time. Do it slowly and focus, And your stomach muscles must be tight. Now turn your body because we are going to do the exercise.

(reversed hands, leaning), To do this exercise correctly. You must raise your thighs using your abdominal muscles And, at the same time tighten your abdominal muscles inward.

Just imagine as if someone, He will sit on your stomach, and you will strengthen your stomach. For that, Make, sure your body is from shoulders to legs forms a straight line. This may sound very easy, but it is actually It’s a little difficult to maintain the correct posture.

All the time Next exercise, (crunching with legs, raised), lift your legs up and bend your stomach. At the same time, Then slowly lower your legs ….

We only have one workout left after this one: The last exercise (side, leaning on the elbow with the buttocks raised). We will work on both sides – 25 seconds per side, We’ll switch sides at half the time.

If you can’t lift your buttocks, you can stay hanging With lateral support on the elbow. We will now switch to the other side.

And, we’re almost done Also make sure you do the same on the sides. Mubarak friends. Don’t forget, hit the like button and leave comments review The table in the description box to know your next exercise. Good bye, See you later In another exercise: video

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