Best ABS Exercises Workout 💪| Intense Lower Abs Routine

Best ABS Exercises Workout 💪| Intense Lower Abs Routine

What’s up you beautiful creatures? Welcome back! So today we have a total out workout! That’s gonna burn your apps so badly, but you’re gonna be so good after you finish this. This book is gonna target your whole apps, especially your lower apps.

So if you want to burn those fat away and get that definition, do try this workout out and let’s jump straight into it. The first exercise is the ABS start by lying flat on the floor, then lift up your upper body and legs.

At the same time, it should look like a B and remember to breathe out as you come up and squeeze your abs. If you can’t do this, then you can do a bent knee crunch instead. The next exercise is reverse.

Crunch, live your hips off the mat using your core muscles, not your arms or your legs do not cheat, and you’ll feel so much on your abs, especially your lower abs. The next exercise is crisscross lake drop across the lakes over like so and lower them down.

Slowly, I like to arrest my elbow on a map because it works my abs better and also remember to squeeze your ass. The next exercise is frog: press lift up your upper body a little and have your arms lifted or rest up behind your neck, then bring your legs in and out. This really works.

The lower abs. The next exercises crisscross mountain climber, bring your leg in and across your body, so that it’s going to it’s the other elbow this targets, the whole abs, as well as your lower abs, and I hope you feel the burn by now.

The next exercise is me: driver start in a low plank then bring one leg into your chest: try to bring your leg in as much as possible and remember to keep your core engaged the whole time. I know I keep saying this, but it is very important to keep your core engaged for all the exercises.

Next, we reverse crunch variation, keep your knees, bent and lift up your bum off the ground. Using a cork and bring your legs in as far as you can – and this is so amazing for the whole app, especially that lower abs, next we’ve been me crunch – keep your knees bent and crunch up, and this was really great for the lower Abs, tube.

We have modified the apps next, instead of starting off from the floor, we are hovering on legs above the ground and crunch inwards. This is so painful, but so good for the lower abs.

But if you can’t do this, you can try a regular crunch instead flip over and we have in and out heavy feet close together and jump in and out. This is so great for your lower abs. Next, we have mountain climber, bring in your leg one at a time and as close to your elbow as possible.

You’re gonna feel the burn so badly, but push it guys. Now flip over and rest on your bum and have your hands next to your hips, then draw a semicircle with both of your legs, with your abs engage the whole time.

This is gonna burn, so bad, so hanging there we’re almost there we’re almost done. Our second loss exercises for arm plank rock. I have a love and hate relationship with this one.

It burns so bad, but my abs looks so fine after, so I start in the low plank and rock forward and backward to smash your abs remember to squeeze your abs.

Finally, we have playing just to give your abs, the final burn. This works the lower abs really well too. That’s what guys you’ve done! Well, Congrats, hope you guys enjoyed today’s workout.

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