Hi guys This is EMI WONG, So today we’re starting 15 days, less Abdominal muscles and belly fat burning. It is the basis for exercising the abdominal muscles. I promise. If you are willing to do the work, you will see visible results By the end of this program. You can find all the videos in these 15 days and the description box below and there will also be new videos on your way On days, 4 and 9.

He will target burning, stubborn belly, fat and slim. The waist Remember to subscribe and turn on the notification button, So you will not miss any of these new videos, sharing your progress and transformation on Instagram TikTok Facebook so that we can support and stimulate each other on the first day of the lower Abdominal muscles and The inner core has 15 exercises of 30 seconds each with 10 seconds rest. The first exercise is bowed, and you hold the lower abdomen and core tightly as you lower. Your body and gently punch the floor with fists. Don’t sit all the way back.

Go up a little while still feeling nervous and tense The lower your particles, the more you burn. You get 10 seconds to challenge yourself to rest for 10 seconds. It is like expansion Forearms on the floor, supporting your upper torso off the ground, extend your legs straight down to just a few inches from the ground. Again, the more you extend your legs, the more burns you can feel down into your muscles. I went up and down late exercise your stomach muscles to lift your legs up and down, as well as your upper body Switch between a narrow, V and YV.

This is a tough move, but your body is stronger than you think. All you have to do is just try to practice and make it perfect. You will be surprised how much progress you can make if you can keep working consistently pay for the last few reds. Yes, the fourth is Circle Lake Practice, drawing a large circle With your legs, holding your lower abdomen and abdomen taut. As you drop your legs down more straight, The goal is whenever it works, to reduce the abdominal muscles Three two one key: The mountaineer fits in a full circle.

Get your hands high under your shoulders catch the appetite below your belly to bring on one knee Toward your elbow to draw as large a circle as possible and extend it backward again, while keeping it off the ground Switch Yeah. Stick it reversing the crisis and pausing process Exercise on the floor contract. Your lower abdominal muscles to raise your hip up and pause here for a second or two while pressing your buttocks before Slowly, lower your hips to the floor. Do an amazing job so far, Focus on working your belly to really feel the burn in each rep. Yes, Stefan Hollow Full Stalk Drop is tricky but very effective Exercise.

Raising your arms above your shoulders off the ground. Tighten your stomach muscles and press your back to the floor while lowering your legs. The goal here is to get your licking as low as possible, while keeping your back as flat on the floor as possible. Eight we get back to the privilege and the punch We work our more than half way to give it 100 % and push us harder than the first round. You can see that every movement is a minimum The key here is to maintain curls and tight abs and lower your muscles for each rep.

Cute is a licking accessory. Doing exercises slowly and controlling the impulse does not stimulate the burning and lets it do the work Another ten seconds. You laugh, you kill her. Yes, click to lick food up and down exercise. We did 2/3 of this exercise.

The last end is really strong Focus on spoiling. That’s what we’re here for Elephant licking circle exercise. Do you sweep closer to the ground in each circle? Remember your goal. You are the only person who can make it happen and stay determined.

Three two one key tooth is the mountaineer circuit Practice, drawing a larger circle, with your knee, bringing it as close as possible to your elbow Just like anything else in life. The more effort you want to achieve the more results You see, three keys, two watch the burn in all different angles from your back during each circle. Hold your core to maintain your balance. Yes, 13 is a reverse crisis. Basic volume less than two minutes ago Be patient.

Yes, four teeth are hollow from the entire leg For exercise. This is one of the hardest moves, but you get the best friend in your lower abs. I do this at least four times a week. So don’t worry if you can’t get it done perfectly now, You will get better every day. Keep trying, even if you have to stop in between Ten seconds, give me several reps.

The final workout is brand new via the leg drop Exercise with your lower abdomen muscles. To lift your legs up into a V-shape then extend your lower leg and down each time while holding your heart tightly lower your torso as well. This is another typical, I know, but trust me the more challenging it is the more we can push our bodies to improve and make progress. The last ten seconds of this exit push it to the end And we’re done. I hope you enjoyed your lower belly burn.

That extends your belly. Don’t worry if some moves feel tough right now, they’ll get easier, as your body gets stronger day in and day out, Subscribe and turn on the notification to stay tuned for other new videos. In this 15-day program, See you soon,

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