BEST 10 min Lower Abs Workout Routine | Lose Lower Belly Fat

BEST 10 min Lower Abs Workout Routine | Lose Lower Belly Fat

It’s time for a brand-new, lower abs, workout, And this routine is one of my favorites for the lower belly area. As always, you got a full daily schedule which you can find on my website and remember guys.

You’re not alone in this, You’ve got a schedule. I’M giving you meal ideas, and I’m also gonna be live-streaming workout sessions on Twitch this month, So you’ve got everything you need, including this amazing community, now smash that thumbs up button drop a comment with your progress and, let’s smash our abs. We’ve got 11 exercises today, 45 seconds on and 10 seconds rest time

We’re starting with down-and-out Lift your legs up, drop it back down, Open up your legs and repeat, make sure your back is flat on a mat so that you’re not hurting your lower back.

You can crunch up a little, and this really works the abs. Next, we’ve got reverse crunch: Leave your legs over as far as you can and drop down. Slowly, remember to use your core to lift your legs up, and this really works the lower abs and also your entire ass.

Have your hands spread out to your side, use your core to lift your legs up and wipe from side to side Go as far down as you can and make sure you don’t overdo it. As you don’t want to hurt your back, You should feel the burn on your lower abs and obliques.

By now, Now get up in a high plank position for some cross body. Mountain climbers, Bring your knee towards the opposite elbow. Do it slow and control and work that little abs of yours.

Now sit on your butt and lean back slightly, and we are doing some cycles. You might be starting to feel a little sore at this stage, but keep pushing, guys, not long to go. Now flip around into a high plank position, and we’re doing some plank jacks remember to tighten up your core.

We are almost halfway through the workout guys, Just five more exercises to go: Now flip around and sit on your butt again And we’re doing in-and-out variation. If you have a bottle place it in the center, as you extend your legs out to the side and try to avoid it,

This is a good hack to help you to maintain your ball Next. We’ve got a reverse crunch variation, use your core to lift your legs upwards, Then drop it back down and extend it outwards. Do this without your heels, touching the ground Make sure your back is flat on the mat too. Just three more exercises to go, guys.

Keep pushing on, Alright Get into a high plank position, and we’re doing some plank hops, You’re hopping in and out and each time you’re going to engage and squeeze those abs, get on the mat, and we’re almost there guys we’re doing A bicycle crunch variation But after a crunch, use your hand to tap it’s the opposite foot, don’t think of quitting now.

You’ve come this far. And the last exercise is flutters variation. Laughter, your legs up and down lift your chest up as you lower your legs down, So you don’t strain your lower back and remember to not put any tension in your neck. If your lower abs, that’s doing the work, We are almost done guys.

Great job, everyone You did amazing, Do smash that like button, so this video reaches more people who need it. I hope you enjoyed this workout, and you’re feeling the burn.

If you haven’t already and I’ll see you guys in the next workout Bye,

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