Beginner Calisthenics Equipment I My Home Gym, Disk Bulge Recovery + Life Update // Lucy Lismore

Beginner Calisthenics Equipment I My Home Gym, Disk Bulge Recovery + Life Update // Lucy Lismore

So hey guys how you’re going, I hope, you’re all doing well and welcome to another video. Now in today’s video, I’m going to answer a question that I get so often multiple times a day for sure, which is all about my calisthenics equipment.

So, I’m going to be discussing basically where I got it from what you might realistically need and what you can use it for, as well as just explaining my home gym setup, which is what you’ll see in a second. It’s not very vast, let’s say so! That’s what we’re gonna do in today’s video.

I thought I would roll it into some sort of vlog style, so I’m gonna take you through my day a little bit it’s actually Sunday today, and it’s already midday.

So, I’ve already had several of my favorite beverages, which is having coffee, and I’ve had my breakfast lunch just now, so I had some oats, but I’ve also been snacking throughout the morning.

I’ve been having crackers and hummus, and I also had some cereal as well. Just like bits and bobs here and there, um in terms of what I’ve done I woke up. I read a little bit in my book.

I bought a new book, which is this one. I don’t know if it’s any good. I literally went to the bookstore. I read the synopsis sounded quite interesting, so I’m going to give it a go I’ll, let you guys know if it’s good, and then I did a bit of cleaning, and then I went out on my skateboard, so I’m by no means a good skateboarder at all.

I bought one because I thought it looked kind of cool, and I can maybe go from a to b feeling pretty unconfident, especially if there are people around, but I want to get better at it.

And I think I want to get a smaller skateboard because at the moment I’ve got a long board. In fact, let me just show you, so this is my skateboard. It’s pretty big! If you compare it to me, it’s pretty long, so it’s pretty cumbersome to be carrying this around with me um when I go out, but it’s been really good for me as a beginner, and this came all the way from Australia with me. This was really cheap.

I think I bought it in Kmart and I actually stuck the vinyl on myself. So, nothing fancy, but it was my first board and I love it, so I might eventually upgrade it anyway. I digress. Let’s talk about calisthenics equipment, I’m gonna go and grab my home gym and show you just how extensive and exciting it is. Another distraction has appeared.

Hugo has come to say, hello. Are you going to join in? Do you want to help show the calisthenics equipment, it nearly then got my coffee all right?

Welcome to my gym, it’s very organized, as you can see. I think this basically is a visual representation of what my brain looks like most of the time, but I’m gonna sort this out because you don’t need to see all of this stuff some of it’s really random, but it’s all exercise stuff, and I’m gonna come back once this is a little bit more organized and tidy okay.

Here we go. This is all my equipment, and I’m already getting warm, so I might take this off, but I think what I’m gonna do is just take you through it in no particular order, but explain what I’ve used it for how long I’ve had it for whether it’s Really necessary and hopefully show you some clips as well as to what you can use it for all right.

Okay, so, first of all a few things that you probably already have lying around your house, which is some light dumbbells, so I have got three kilo dumbbells. I have two kilo dumbbells. I also have five and another set of threes as well, um I actually didn’t buy any of these.

These were orders given to me by my parents, who just had them, and they didn’t use them, so they were like. Do you want them? I took them. I rarely use them, they usually just lie around, but they can be useful for a few things, so things like weighted core exercises because it’s a lighter weight, it’s useful for that, and also since I’ve been injured. It’s been quite useful for a bit of rehab and slowly building up some weighted exercises as well.

So, these are sort of things that most people have lying around from over the years. They can be really useful, especially when you’re starting out. I remember when I started, three or two kilos was quite challenging in terms of doing anything.

Additional, even a shoulder press was quite challenging with that weight um, but as I’ve gotten stronger, I don’t use them as much light. Dumbbells can also be really useful for building up wrist strength, so with calisthenics and body weight.

Bearing exercises obviously there’s a lot of strain on your joints, but particularly people notice it in their wrists. I get a lot of questions about. How do you overcome wrist pain or strengthen up your wrists, and you can use light weights to do that as well as body weight-bearing exercises, so you can just hold a weight in your hand and then just roll, your wrist upwards and then back down again.

In a controlled movement, obviously increasing the weight in your hand-over time, and you’ll notice that it’ll start to build up, but there are all sorts of things that you can do to increase wrist strength if you’d like a video or some top tips on it.

Just let me know – and I can make one, but in terms of dumbbells – you don’t necessarily need to have them. They can be a nice addition to have if they’re lying around, but you can definitely substitute them for things that you have around your house.

So, water bottles of the same weight or tin cans, even something like that, is perfectly useful if you’re starting out, for example, I know it sounds like if I’m saying use tin cans as a way. It doesn’t seem like it’s very heavy, but I remember when I was starting out.

A tin can was perfectly challenging to do things like flies or even to do bicep, curls, so don’t feel afraid or ashamed to use light weights. If that’s what you need, if it’s challenging, you, that’s what you wanted to be doing. So if it’s challenging, you, it’s changing you!

So if that weight is challenging for you go ahead, work on your form to start building up that strength, and you can increase your weight over time. Okay, moving on we’re going to talk about something else that most people already have, which is resistance bands, so I have the mini bands like this, and I also have the long resistance bands as well I’ll, just quickly run over this.

This is a relatively new addition. I used to use this when I did glute bridges and I mean I still do use it. Sometimes, when I do glute bridges and basically for activation work, so can be really useful to have they’re super cheap.

I think I picked mine up from Amazon, not necessarily, but they can add a little bit of difficulty, a little bit of resistance to your exercises and really good for warming up and activation work of muscles, as well in terms of long resistance bands. These are very popular in calisthenics, and I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with them.

I rarely used bands until maybe the last six months, and my collection seems to have grown significantly. I’M sorry, my camera card was full all right back to bands. So with bands, they can either do one of two functions.

They can either make an exercise easier by giving you some assistance and reducing the body weight, or they can make an exercise harder by adding resistance. So I will try to give you a few examples, but obviously the main one that you would have seen would be assisted, pull-ups or chin-ups.

That sort of thing where people loop the band around the bar and then they use that to give them a little bit of assistance to reduce their body weight now, in that circumstance, the thicker the band the easier the exercise will become because it will take off Some of your body weight, then, as you work your way through the progressions, and you get stronger.

you can start to reduce the size of the band until you eventually get to being able to do them with your body weight. Alternatively, you can make an exercise harder. So, for example, you can make your push-ups harder by using a band, so you can put a band around your shoulders they’re.

So tangled shows how often I use them. You can put them around your shoulders and you can do push-ups like this, and it will make it more challenging and you can also use bands for things like stability work as well.

They do have a lot of uses. I would suggest it’s quite useful if you’re trying to get into calisthenics to have a selection of bands and they don’t need to be fancy, so these are all from random places. Some are from kmart.

Some are from Amazon. Some are from ebay all completely random, but I think the best thing to do is check the reviews and pick a pack, maybe because you’ll be able to get several different weights for a reasonable price as well.

But they shouldn’t be too expensive and, like I say, can be a really handy addition to learning calisthenics training and also to making exercises more challenging when you get stronger all right, next we’re going to talk about yoga blocks.

Now, I bought these yoga blocks when I was on vacation in America. They’re just some cheap foam yoga blocks that I got from tj maxx in the sports section, so they’re nothing, fancy you can get different types of yoga blocks.

You can get phone, you can get cork, I’ve even seen wooden ones, but it really depends on what you want, how much you want to spend and how much you realistically think you’re going to use them. Obviously, if you do a lot of yoga, you’re probably going to get a lot more use out of them.

I don’t do that much yoga, although I really want to get into it a little bit more because I’m not flexible, I can’t do things slowly. My breathing is awful yeah, it’s just not good, so it’s something I should definitely get into, but what I use these for is either making exercises a little bit more challenging in terms of bringing my hands off the ground.

So, for example, if I’m doing a push-up, I can do a deficit push-up and come a little bit lower, or I will use them for stretching so increasing the height of where I’m stretching from, which means that I can put my joints through a larger range of Motion, that’s basically the two uses I get out of this.

The other thing that I sometimes use it for is, if I’m doing things like l-sits because I’m not very good at them, and I can’t really do them off the floor. So having a little bit of additional height always gives me a little bit of help as well, so these are probably pretty useful, but again they don’t have to be anything fancy in hindsight I probably would have bought cork one’s if I was buying them again.

I don’t know if I would necessarily go out and buy one unless I saw them for a good price, but the cork ones just give you a little bit more stability. What I find with the foam ones is that if I’m putting all my body weight onto them, uh, they start to bend a little bit.

They’re not the most stable of items which is okay, can add a little bit of extra challenge, especially now i’m used to it, but cork ones definitely would be better.

So, that was my yoga blocks. I’M just gonna really skip through skipping ropes, skip through skipping ribs. I actually didn’t do that on purpose. Wow, lame anyway. These are just some cheap, skipping ropes from kmart.

I think this cost me three dollars something like that. This is my boyfriend’s old one um. So they’ve got these ones. I don’t skip very often, but there’s something again that i would like to get better at and when i do do it, i put on some really cheesy 90s music and i skip away, and i have so much fun. So i would like to learn some new skills and get good at it.

So i recently invested seven pounds. I know big spender in this speed rope off Amazon. Again i just checked the reviews, i’m not actually sure where this was from. But what i’ll do with all this stuff? If i can find links, i will just put them down below, so you can find them.

I don’t know if everything will be online, but i will try and find something very similar that has good reviews as well, but i bought this skipping rope, this speed rope, so i could try double unders and i was shook to the core. It made double unders like 10 times easier than this.

I don’t even know why. I’M surprised, because this is literally a cheap, thick rope. We have to put a lot of effort into spinning it, and this one just was like a dream.

Although i whipped myself every single time on the back of my leg and it really really hurts so skipping ropes really handy, obviously it’s a cardio exercise. I don’t really use it as that. I use it more to get a little bit sweaty, but more so learn a new skill and just have a little bit of relaxation time.

To be honest with you, when i’m doing it, i can’t really focus on much else, so it kind of takes my mind away from stuff, which is what i really like. So the final thing, that’s probably in the general category, is a yoga mat.

So this is my beloved yoga mat that i’ve had. Since i started. I got this one in rebel sport in Australia. I think it was 30 dollars, so it wasn’t cheap, but it’s not the most expensive one things: the the yoga mats from lulu lemon or from l.a, or something like that.

They’Re, like 100 pounds, 80 pounds, something like that. So there’s a lot of money, big investment, but i would suggest, if possible, spending a little bit more money on your yoga mat if you’re going to be buying one because they last a lot longer, they don’t.

They give you a little bit more grip and stability and, like i said, i’ve had this one since the very beginning. So i’ve probably had this now for around four or five years. Something like that, and it’s still going well, even despite Hugo’s best effort to completely destroy it.

So again, i will try and link this down below. I actually don’t know if the company still sells this, but i basically just picked it off the fact that it looked nice in terms of it’s my color palette, because apparently all i like is black gray, white and navy, and that’s why i picked it.

But it’s been really really good, i’m about to do an upgrade and i keep putting it off, but even if i do upgrade it, i will not be getting rid of this one. I use this for mainly stretching if i’m doing calisthenics. I tend to not use this as much, but i will use this to put things on, because my floor is quite slippy.

This gives me a little bit of grip, so if i’m using parallettes or if i’m using some weights or something like that to lean on, i will put them on my mat, so they won’t slip. So, for me, this is a godsend, really really useful and i wouldn’t be without it all right so quickly before we move into the more specialist stuff, i want to quickly show you guys.

My chalk bag seems a little bit random, but this again is an absolute godsend if you’re doing calisthenics, i also do bouldering, which is rock climbing without a rope, sounds scary, it’s not as scary as it sounds, because you’re not going very high. But for me again, that’s more of a mental challenge. It’S more of a.

I need to be present while i’m doing it and it gets me moving in a way that i enjoy. So that’s why i bowler – and this is a climbing chalk bag. Hence the little toothbrush looking thing but in here is some chalk. I just use the balls of chalk and i use this for calisthenics as well, so whenever i go to train calisthenics in a park outdoors.

i take this with me and otherwise this lives on my squat rack, which i will show you in a moment and it’s A lifesaver before i had this, i used to have a little Tupperware box and i used to buy the one dollar blocks of chalk and put that in there and throw it in my gym bag. And i would use that, and sometimes it sounds gross.

But it’s really useful. You can actually just if you’re in an outdoor park. You can rub your hands on the ground in the dirt or in the gravel, and it gives you that friction. The reason this is so handy is it kind of gives you superpowers. When you have chalk on your hand, i know from working with clients in the gym a lot of the time they would struggle with trying to do pull-ups and dips, not because their strength wasn’t there.

It was because their hands were sweaty and they were slipping off. The bar, so this will help overcome that and it’s so so cheap to just buy the chalk and to have a plastic bag in your gym bag is definitely worthwhile on the investment. That being said, it’s also good to train with and without chalk. So try not to become too reliant on just one or the other. If you can train with a bit of both that’s going to be ideal.

Okay, next we have parallettes. So i have two sets of parallettes. These are probably the ones that you’ve seen more commonly. These are my ones i built myself and then i recently invested in some mini parallettes as well or many p bars. They might they’re known as so i’ll talk you through the ones i made first.

So you can buy these online, they sell them on amazon, they sell them again, i’ll just tag a load of places down below um, but i kind of was just in the mood to try and make my own again they’re my favorite color gray, and what i Did was, i went to a hardware store and i just went to the plumbing aisle and picked up all the parts for the plumbing that would fit and make it into a parallel, and i ended up with a parallette. These ones aren’t the best, though they’re, not bad in terms of stability.

What i really struggle with is the fact that they’re not very wide in diameter, so my hand really hurts like there’s just not much surface area to lean on, so it can be quite rough on your hands but other than that they function perfectly, and i would Never get rid of them because they probably cost me more in parts to make than it was just to buy some in the first place.

You may be wondering what the heck do you use, parallettes for which is a very good question and again there’s a whole different variety of reasons you might want to use parallettes, so they can help make exercises easier or harder. They heighten the ground, essentially from what you’re pushing from so.

If you were doing a push-up, you don’t have to come down as far so. If you can’t do a push-up on your toes on the floor, it will make them slightly easier, but that being said, you can also make push-ups harder on them, because you can come into a deficit where you’re coming lower than the floor level and then pushing back Up so you can definitely make exercises easier or harder, but one of the biggest benefits of having p-bars or mini peas is the way that it makes your wrist stack. Okay.

So when you’re doing, for example, a push-up or a handstand, your wrist is going to be, in extension, which means it’s going to be bent backwards like this and, of course, you’re going to be bearing a lot of weight through that little joint, and this can cause People a lot of wrist pain for some people, it’s just something that they can’t train through and an option for those people would be to use parallettes. Now you might see something similar to this.

When you look in sports stores, you see like the push-up bars or little handles that you can hold on to so a very similar concept in that regard, but this will basically put your hand or your wrist into a neutral position, which means everything’s stacked.

Above your wrist, and that means that it will be a lot more comfortable for the beginner or for someone who does struggle with wrist pain. I tend to actually not use parallettes too much they’re, not something i reach for often.

But that being said, it’s something that i would like to learn how to train on a little bit more because they’re also really useful for taking outdoors. So when you’re going to a park or if you’re going to go to a gym or something like that.

And you don’t want to have your hands on the floor or the ground is unstable, so if you’re on a grass field, for example, this is a really fantastic way of stabilizing the ground as well. So i need to practice a little bit more on these. Like i said, i recently got these mini peas. I just where did i get these ones Etsy? I got these from.

I think they were like 29 pounds or something like that and they’ve been fantastic. So i’ve not only used them for handstands and push-ups, but i’ve also used them for things like l-sits again and reverse planks, and also just a lot of core exercises as well.

So they’ve been a really good investment, but i need to start using them more. If you struggle with wrist pain, i would suggest getting these if you’re looking to get into calisthenics or getting a mini parallax, something like that um, but otherwise it might be an investment that you want to make later on down the line, and it’s just got really Dark suddenly sorry, i’m filming with natural light as usual. So that’s why all right we’re moving on we’ve got two more items to go that i’m going to talk about um the next one.

We’Re talking about is rings a classic calisthenics equipment item that you will see time and time again right. These ones are from rogue fitness and these ones are metal.

So you can hear that they’re quite noisy when they bash together, they’re, pretty weighty as well, and when you’re looking at buying rings, you can get them in different varieties, so you can get metal rings, you can get plastic rings and you can also get wooden ones.

As well so would i recommend getting rings if you’re a beginner, potentially yes, they can be really really useful. You can train a lot of different things on rings, however.

That being said, if you have a gym membership, there’s a lot of gyms now that will have these rings in the gym, so you don’t need to buy them, and then there also will be trx suspension systems there as well, which have a lot of similar uses.

Although you can do chin ups pull ups and also muscle ups on these rings as well, so you have the rings, and then you have the straps that go with them. They’Re very, very long, they’re, also very tangled up right now and you can hook them around.

Pretty much anything so i hook mine around my squat rack, but if you have a nice big tree in your backyard, you could put it in there or, if you could take it to the park. You can also do that if you do not have a bar at home, you’re going to be limited as to what you can hang it on, unless you take them to the gym with you or take them to a park or a tree.

So just bear that in mind. I remember i got these and even though i had a hook-over up bar on my door, it wasn’t stable enough to use them, so i was quite limited until i got my squat rack and a gym membership, so i could actually take them with me, but again, Like i say, they’re really really handy for beginners to start building up strength.

You can easily modify exercises with them. So, for example, instead of doing a pull-up, you can start working on body weight rows and you can decrease the height of those rows to make it more challenging. But then you can also make a lot of exercises much harder, because you need to constantly be stabilizing your body weight as well, so things like push-ups are going to be a lot harder dips as well, and then you can also train things like muscle ups.

So if you are brand spanking new to calisthenics, i would say: don’t stress about these, but if you have a gym membership and they have them, definitely have a play on them because they will increase your strength. If you are looking to get into calisthenics long term – and you want to start learning some skills like back lever, front lever, muscle ups and all that jazz.

then they’re probably going to be a great investment to make down the track as well like. I said these ones are rogue fitness. You can buy them online on amazon again. I would just suggest making sure that you look at the reviews, because, with rings, it’s probably something that you want to invest in a relatively good set.

Just so they’ll last you a long time and obviously you’re going to be hanging your body weight on them as well. So you just want to make sure that you’re getting a nice safe set rings tend to attach with a buckle like this as well.

So it just check the reviews from wherever you’re buying it from there’s lots of reputable brands that sell them and just make sure that no one’s had any problems with them. Safety wise and you should be absolutely fine. I’Ve never had an issue with these ones.

These have been fantastic, so i will link them down below if you want to go and check them out. Okay, i’m taking you off the tripod for this one, because this is the piece of resistance.

The squat rack slash pull-up bar that everybody asks me about and i don’t think you can actually get any more, but there’s lots of different alternatives that are very similar, but anyway, this has probably been the biggest investment and potentially one of the best investments i’ve made.

Since i started calisthenics – and i want to stress that when i started calisthenics, i did not have any equipment. I literally started with that yoga mat and that was it and then some resistance bands eventually crept their way in and from there i’ve slowly been building it up, and i only bought this pull-up rack last year in april.

It’S been about a year now and i bought it because, obviously this is my job and we went into lockdown, so the gyms weren’t open. So i thought it’s a good investment to make.

I think i paid around 250 pounds for this, which is a big investment, but, like i say it has been amazing, so i bought this one from amazon. I just checked the reviews online as well, and they were all saying this was pretty good and pretty stable. It holds up to, i think, like 110 kilos, which is great, my boyfriend weighs 120 and he can use it so looks like he can actually get away with a little bit more, and this one also has a squat rack as well, so for him he uses It for squatting, but for me i use those as footholds, so i can get to the top and do my negative muscle ups.

So, where there’s a will, there is a way now, i’m very fortunate that in the place i live, i have very, very high ceilings. So it fits very nicely, but it is pretty tall at its full extension. I can’t really reach the top and it’s at the max height right now.

So obviously this is a pretty hefty piece of equipment to have hanging around your place, so i wouldn’t suggest it for everyone. Obviously, if you want to learn how to do bar skills or pull-ups, it’s going to be very, very useful and probably pretty important to be able to have a bar, although you can use the rings instead.

So if you have a tree, you can use rings, but if you wanted a bar, then you can always just grab one of the hook over the door, pull up bars and that’s what i started with. I just got mine from kmart in australia and then, when i was in england, i got mine from argos. I think it cost me 20 pounds and australia. It was like 20 bucks, they’re super cheap. You can get them on amazon as well, so again i’ll.

Try and find some and link them down below, but just check the reviews and then also top tip check the dimensions and your door frame just to make sure that it will actually work because a lot of the times i hear people buy them and they don’t Actually fit on the door frame and they can’t use them.

So that would be my suggestion if you’re looking to get into pull-ups. That being said, there are still some exercises that you can do without a bar, which will help build up the strength for pull-ups. So go and check out some of the learn calisthenics at home. Videos, if you want to see those, but if you want to learn how to do pull-ups, essentially you’re going to need to have a bar or rings eventually.

So for me this has been an amazing investment, but obviously this is my job and i spend my life doing this stuff um. I wouldn’t suggest something as big as this is necessary in any way for most people and, if you’re fortunate enough to have a gym near you as well, then you definitely don’t need one.

But a door-mounted. Pull-Up bar is chest kiss such a good piece of equipment to have at home. If you can okay, so i think that’s most of the equipment that i was going to share with you.

Hopefully, like i said, you’ve been seeing some clips of me using this and some ideas for which exercises you could do if you’re a beginner and you’re just starting out, and you just want to get into calisthenics. I don’t really think you need much of this at all. This is just stuff, that’s nice, to pick up along the way.

If you wanted to pick a few bits and bobs up, i would suggest definitely a yoga mat, maybe some resistance bands as well and then you could probably expend expand out to getting some mini p bars or some parallettes and then a pull-up bar as well. But this is the thing i love so much about calisthenics.

Well, i mean there’s a lot. I love about it, but one of the things is the world. Is your oyster and your body is your gym. I know that sounds really cliche, but it’s really really true.

You can work on push-ups dips, core exercises, squats all that stuff without having any equipment and with stuff that’s just lying around your house, you can use chairs, you can use walls, you can use steps that you have it all is ideal and, like i said when I started out, i didn’t have any of this equipment.

I just had an empty room in my house that i made space in, and that was what i used for the best part of probably a year. I reckon okay. Now i’m going to clear all this stuff up and i have a lot of programming to do for clients.

I also have a group coaching call a little bit later, but first coffee clean up this stuff. A little bit of exercise, maybe – and i will check in on you – because i wanted to give you guys – an update on how my back is going and just a few exciting things that have been happening as well.

So i will see you guys in a bit. Okay, so back from the gym and i’ve had to jam myself into this awkward spot because there’s some natural daylight, which i’m gon na use to film, but it’s extremely bright.

So i’m sorry, if that’s a bit distracting, but i thought i would just have a quick catch up with you um. First of all, let me tell you what i did at the gym and also how it fits in with calisthenics training, because obviously this is a video about what calisthenics equipment i have and what is good for beginners, and i suppose i should answer the question. Do i only ever train calisthenics, or do i go to a gym, so i’m actually in the process of filming a week’s worth of workouts?

So you’ll probably get a better answer to this over the next couple of weeks, but i do a little bit of everything. Although calisthenics and body weight training is my main form of training, so i do have a couple of gym memberships and i use them more.

so for the social interaction in terms of just being around other people also there’s a couple of pieces of equipment that i Don’T have at home, so things like parallel bars. I haven’t got so. If i want to do proper dips, i can’t do them here. I’D have to either go to a park or a gym, and also because of my injury.

I do need to use some of the machines well, some of them are very useful for me at the moment in terms of starting to recover and continuing to build up the strength as well, because calisthenics can be very hard on your body and hard on your Joints as well, especially if you have an injury so there’s a couple different reasons why i do go to the gym that being said.

when i’m at the gym, i do often do calisthenics as well, so it just really depends, but hopefully you’ll see more on that Video on the topic of my back, i don’t think i have given you an update recently as to how it’s been going so when i last actually put a community post up. I don’t know several weeks ago saying that i was feeling really strong and that i was really happy with how my body was recovering, and that is true. It was true at the time sorry hugo just knew knocked the camera over.

So i had to rearrange everything uh. What was i saying my back so i had a spinal surgery appointment and i went into that appointment thinking that he would basically say recovery’s been great you’re still recovering, but we’re on the right track, not a candidate for surgery and send me on my way and That’S not what he said so i went in.

He did a couple. Just simple tests checked three things looked at my mri results and then essentially said that um, the injury is very much still there and it’s a t like to like for lack of a better word, a ticking time bomb in terms of it probably is going to Continue to happen because it’s such a bad injury and just in case you’re new here and you’ve, never seen. I have a l5 s1 disc bulge and that’s called statica as well.

So he said that there’s definitely still a hangover of the injury and in terms of straining my leg, which i thought was muscle tightness, he said, is actually nerve damage or temporary nerve damage.

So his suggestion was to have surgery which would be in four or five weeks, and then i would be out of action in terms of i can’t do any exercise for two months and the other option was just to wait and see how i go and be Mindful of what i do in terms of movements and expect that this will happen again and that really spun me out, it really really threw me off, and i’ve really actually quite struggled last couple of weeks, just being just anything getting into exercise enjoying moving struggling with Work struggling with the decision to make and all that sort of stuff as well.

It’S really affected me a lot more than i thought, but anyway i am where i am at the moment. I haven’t made a solid decision. I went to see my um osteopath and got a bit of a second opinion to see what his thoughts were and he was along.

My train of thoughts as to i’ve recovered so far quite well and have come a long way like it was really really bad. Just eight months ago, so i should sort of use surgery as a last resort, if possible and just see what i can do, and here comes Hugo again.

That’S where i’m at with surgery and my back at the moment. I do get a bit of pain when i do certain movements and it has stopped me from doing something. So i’ve got to be mindful of what i do.

I’M walking a lot. I stand pretty much all day for work, doing lots of stretches and all that sort of stuff, so fingers crossed it’ll continue to recover, but we will just have to wait and see other than that.

I wanted to mention that i hit 200 000 subscribers on youtube, which is crazy, like i’ve already digest, because this happened several days ago, maybe a week ago now – and i just i don’t know it really – it hit me differently to like hitting 100 000.

I just can’t believe it, and i think it coincided with you guys really enjoying my calisthenics videos, and it just makes me so happy that there is community out there that enjoy calisthenics, and i know that most of you are beginner, i’m mostly female as well, and That’s what i really love, because i genuinely don’t think there’s a huge amount of people within that area and that space and because i very much have been there still am there with my injury, and i understand what it’s like.

That means so much more to me than anything else, so thank you so much for those of you, who’ve subscribed, who have continued to support me through thick and thin and who have been along for this journey so far. I am so so grateful for everything that you’ve done and i never thought i would be in this position. I somewhat stumbled into this.

This wasn’t necessarily a planned or anything like that. Um and it’s just completely changed. My life in terms of this is not my primary job. My primary job is being a personal trainer, but the fact that i am able to inspire and help other people is amazing.

Actually, in fact, let me show you something, so i have this book and it’s a book that my mum and i write to each other and it has questions in it and you fill them out one’s for your mum one’s for you and you send it back And forth to each other, so you just fill it out in your own time and you pass it across and then you wait for the person.

You can read their answers just so you can get to know your um family a little bit better and i my mum dropped this off the other day and i hadn’t seen it in a couple of years and we’ve been doing this, probably for the best part Of eight or nine years now – and there was one page that i had filled out and it said three things that i might want to be.

when i grow up – and i filled it out over the years and i was reading through it and the last one Says someone who can change people’s lives who live in pain or with illness? Even if it’s only a slight decrease in pain or to motivate them? I would love to be able to help.

People live healthy lives through education, about diet and exercise and the effects it has on human pathology, immunology and biochemistry, and then i put a little arrow saying. Perhaps i could have a business in this exclamation mark and i wrote that in 2018 i’ve dated it 2018 And i read it and i was like no way that’s crazy.

When i was at 2018, i was at uni still i was never considering being a personal trainer. I thought i’d be living in Australia for the rest of my life and yet here i am doing basically what i wrote in the uh in the book and i just i kind of blew my mind.

It spun me out a little bit too, but it was, it was pretty cool, and this genuinely is like to me. I see my job as such an honor and uh i’m. I do feel like one of the luckiest people in the world.

It’s not to say i don’t struggle a lot of the time, but i genuinely i’m so lucky. So thank you before i keep going on and on and on, he looks like he’s cleaning his butt, but he’s not he’s cleaning his tail.

Aren’t you he’s such a troublemaker today right, i am going to finish my snack. I actually made some more oats because i’m kind of addicted to these and i got back from the gym and i was feeling a little bit peckish. So i’m having this, i’m now going to go and do my programming and at the same time i’m going to lie on the floor and do my stretches and then at 6 p.

Because it’s about 4. 30. 4. 45. Now i have a group coaching call um.

So that’d be a couple of hours on zoom and then it’ll be dinner time. So i probably won’t speak to you a huge amount more in this video, but I will show you what i have for dinner and take you along with a few bits and bobs. This afternoon, good evening, so I just had such a lovely call with my group coaching clients.

It was really, really nice, and we spoke for about an hour and a half. And then i went out for a five-kilometer walk because i just felt like I needed to stretch my legs and get some fresh air and it’s now, 9.

00 p.m. I think quarter past nine and well that’s really bright, and i am just making my dinner being attacked by Hugo here on the floor. As you can see, it’s a really random dinner. It’S just a chicken salad, but it’s basically it’s one of my favorite meals.

I always end up adding some random spices or sauces. I found like a pad thai sauce in the cupboard which i put in brussels sprouts some peppers just stuff that i had in the freezer or in the fridge, and i’m really looking forward to it. I just heard my pizza pop and i am ready for dinner. 

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