Answering Your Nutrition Questions

Answering Your Nutrition Questions

Hey guys and welcome back to my YouTube channel. So if you guys saw my IG stories or if you guys saw my YouTube community post today, we are answering your top nutrition questions, so I thought this would be a fun video to do because obviously, my channel’s about fitness.

But nutrition is a huge part in Your journey, so I thought I would answer your most frequently asked questions today. Okay, so we have everything on my laptop, so I’m just going to read the questions. Pretend I’m interviewing myself! Yeah!

That’s really it, to be honest. So, let’s get going guys, so first question: what should I eat? If I want to build muscle to me, the answer is simple: it is protein. Protein is the best source of food to be eating. When you want to build muscle, there are so many benefits to eating protein anyway, but one of them is building muscle.

So, I would really prioritize that over anything when you are doing your exercises, question number two: does protein help with weight loss? Yes, it does like. I said there are so many benefits to eating protein, and it can also help you in your weight loss journey.

The reason being been, it is said that it can help to boost your metabolism, which helps you burn calories, a lot faster and also along with eating a lot of protein. It helps to reduce your appetite, so the more protein that you eat in your diet and the more that you focus on that.

That being the first thing that you consume so say, for example, if for your dinner, you had you know chicken with some sweet, potato and a salad, I would prioritize eating the protein because that’s going to help, keep yourself a little longer, essentially, which means you’re going To eat less, and you’re going to consume fewer calories, which will lead to weight loss along with that protein is a really good source.

Again, like I said, helping to build the muscle. So while you are losing weight, it’s going to help to maintain and build that muscle up to give you that toned. Look, that you’re looking for! If that’s what you’re!

Looking for the third question, what do I think about intermittent fasting? This seems to be a very popular question, so I used to do intimate fasting myself. This must have been about three years ago, and I really liked it at the time because it just really fitted in with my lifestyle choice at the time – and I think intermittent fasting is a good thing to do.

But if it’s done in the right way, the problem with intermittent fasting sometimes is that where say you skip breakfast, you then don’t make up for the calories in your other meals between your hours, and that could be the problem, sometimes with intermittent fasting. So, I suggest, if you’re going to give it a go.

Just start slowly, maybe do a couple of days a week, but please make sure that you’re consuming enough calories for yourself in your time frame.

So if you say you’re skipping breakfast just make sure that you’re adding the additional calories from breakfast into your lunch and dinner, and even your snacks throughout the day because it’s really, really important, you don’t want to affect your body going to starvation, mode, etc, etc.

So, make sure you have in the calories, but if any of you guys are wondering, do i intermittent fast? No, I don’t like I said I used to the reason now is because I had a baby, and I was hungry, especially breastfeeding.

Uh starving and then since having Uber, I’m still hungry so yeah, I don’t interpret it fast. I like having my breakfast in the morning, too many carbs: are they good or bad?

I see carbs, that’s a good thing. I love, carbs are vital for your macronutrients. Please do not skip out on carbs. You need to include them in your meals. Just make sure when you are consuming carbs, you’re not eating the bad carbs, so I’m talking about things that just basically get transferred to sugar straight away.

That will be you know, foods such as cakes, crisps, you know white pasta, white bread. All of those things convert straight away into sugar in the body and that’s what can lead to weight gain, if you’re going to eat calves make sure you’re sticking to whole grains.

You know you’re sticking to brown, pasta, brown, bread, seeded, bread, you’re going to also be going for a lot of nuts and things full of fiber, such as beans pulses.

Those are the things that you want to be consuming and focusing on even having sweet, potato and white potato even is a good source to have because it’s not processed. So, when I have my carbs, I do love to have in the morning.

If I have a shake, I make sure I whack in some oats in there for my carbs. You know it helps me with my energy, and it also helps me to use my calms as an energy source during my workouts, and I will always make sure.

I have every single thing: micronutrient macronutrients with my meal, so I will have carbs fats protein. That’s what I like to focus on so carbs.

They are bloody, fantastic who doesn’t like carbs anyway, and you know I do like pizzas and stuff. Yes, I know that’s not a good card all the time, but you’re allowed to treat yourself people it’s important.

Okay, how frequently do you eat, this is so random. This was like one of the most frequently asked questions, um. So, do you know what it actually really does depend on the day because I’m not gonna lie to you?

There are days where I am really busy um, so I forget to eat sometimes, and I have to remind myself to eat, but most on a day-to-day basis, i eat every three to four hours. That’s what I like to do, so I will have my breakfast.

I will have my lunch, a snack and a dinner and then a dessert, that’s what I like to do and so, like I said, every three to four hours is how frequently I eat struggling to get enough protein.

What other protein packed ideas do you have other than shakes, so some options that I like to have for protein? If I’m not say looking at shakes as a snack, um would be boiled eggs. I love boiled eggs. You know, just a quick snack to have.

I love having celery and peanut butter. I think that’s a really good combo or even if you guys, try, raspberries and peanut butter. That’s a really good sauce. Greek yogurt is actually one of my favorite sources of getting in protein.

Now it sounds weird, but i actually really love having that and yes, okay protein, we just said protein shakes, but we’re trying to avoid that one.

But those are actually my go-to sources that I would go for, and you know you can have like slices of turkey or chicken. I guess if you want to have that, but for me, that’s the sauces that I would go for how much protein do you consume on a day-to-day basis, so I actually have a protein calculator and in pink dragon that you guys can use.

If you are members – and I’m not sure if you guys can access it, if you’re not, I have to check that one and let you know if you can, I’ll put it in the description box below and if it’s not there, really sorry, it’s only for pink Dragon people um, but I actually try to on a daily basis and minimum get 100 grams of protein in it – does vary on your weight.

How much you should be having, but I try and get at least 100 grams. If I can – and you would have to track your macros to see if you are getting that like I said I try to – I don’t know if I do hit it all the time and because I actually don’t track my macros or calories.

But i know it is minimum 100, though because when I used to track it, that’s what it was prior to have Eva next question is eating sugar-free, a healthy decision, and how does it affect your energy for workouts and to be honest, when you’re saying sugar-free, you.

Actually can’t be completely sugar-free because there are natural sugars found in things like fruits and if you’re talking about being sugar-free in the sense of processed yes, it can be healthy, but I think healthy has a wide term. I think healthy eating.

The meat, for example, is making sure that I’m not eating processed foods, and I’m trying to go as whole and as natural as possible, and I do think, making your life as processed sugar-free as possible is really good for your health.

Yes, it has so many amazing health benefits, I think personally, and does it affect workouts no, for me, like I said so? The ways that I will try and make sure that I make healthy choices.

It is, I don’t put sugar in any of my foods. I don’t drink sodas and I rarely drink alcohol and when I have chocolate, I switch from milk to dark, but does it affect workouts? No, because I use my carbs as a source of energy for my workouts.

That’s how I fuel my body and that’s how I get ready for my workouts and that’s what I use as a fuel to work out. So, no, I don’t think it’ll picture an um workout session next question.

What are some nutritious meals? You recommend that keep you full, so you don’t feel hungry on a diet protein. So, protein is like the main source. Like I said, that’s what you want to be focusing on, but let’s, oh, my god.

Okay, that would not have been funnily okay, but you said what meals will keep me full okay, so one of the meals that really keep me thought in the morning is an omelette packed with green vegetables.

That, honestly, is a meal that keeps me so full for long or protein pancakes, with peanut butter and loads of berries. I literally stay full for like three to four hours straight, no issue whatsoever when I have that, if we’re talking about lunch and dinner, if you make yourself a chicken salad but pack it with a bunch of stuff, so one of the salads I had yesterday actually was.

So delicious I made salads and leaves obviously tomatoes chicken, and then I put black beans and cucumber in it. It was so good, and then I even put mangoes in there.

It was delicious, but salads that are packed out really do keep you full for long and then also, if you’re looking for other meals such as dinner, you can make yourself a turkey chili and my sister. While she was here, she made a corn chili for me, packed with again loads of beans, that was so filling and amazingly delicious.

So trying things like that and having chicken with sweet potatoes having a carb sauce, will um really help to keep you full as well. There’s a bunch honestly, I’m trying to think what I eat on a daily basis: chicken, turkey, I’m so boring, but yeah, any meals like that I think again contain all three things are really going to help. Keep your food for longer, so have a source of protein carbs and then a bunch of veggies. I think really do help. Keep you fuller for longer.

So, those are some examples. If you want more, let me know in the comments, and I’ll. Try to add it to the description box. I’ve literally got like memory blankness, that’s probably not even a word, but that’s what I have so third and final question guys is: how do you work out your daily macros so off the top of my head? I’M assuming you would need a calculator for that online.

To be honest, it really does depend on your goals, and I do think your body type and in pink dragon. I really do promote and follow a macro of 40 proteins and then 30 carbs, 30 fats.

The reason being is that it is like I said the protein helps to keep you full of the longer. It helps to build muscle, and it helps to repair your body after you’ve done a workout. I’ve been following this and feel like it not only got me in the best shape of my life.

It also really helped me during pregnancy and also postpartum. It’s really helped since I’ve stopped breastfeeding because it’s not alive, I was breastfeeding. I didn’t focus that much on it because I was hungry all the time, feeding another human.

But after I’ve been a bit more on it and I feel, like I really am getting back to myself because, like I said, I’m predominantly focused on protein. Those are the macros that I tend to follow and in terms of calculating yours, I would try to focus on 40 30. 30 If you want to track your macros, an app that I use is called chronometer really good.

It literally breaks it down to how much you’ve had, depending on what you’ve eaten throughout the day. And so, I would try and use that ratio and, if you need to, say, figure out what your protein exactly intake would be, you can find calculators online.

If not like. I said, if I can give you guys access, I will link the calculator below for you. So, you guys can figure it out for yourselves, but that’s what I would focus on but, like I said it does depend on what your goals are and I always recommend it to my girls.

40. 30. 30.. So, I honestly will try giving that a go.

See how it works out for you and then uh keep me updated guys. That’s the end of the questions. We just kept the video short, but I actually have so much. I love doing qla videos because I always do workouts, but I feel like q. A’S are really fun because, you guys, we get to like to know each other like we’re on a coffee date.

Here it’s really fun, but I hope you guys really did enjoy this video. If you did don’t forget to give me a like and subscribe to my YouTube channel because it really does help, and please let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed this style video because if you did, I’ll be sure to do some more q, a Styles, but that is it from me and yeah: that’s it.

basically I’ll be back next week with a fabulous workout video for you all, but other than that guys have an amazing week and I will catch you next Tuesday, bye.


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