Abs Workout 🔥Get that 11 Line Abs in 35 days

Abs Workout 🔥Get that 11 Line Abs in 35 days

Hello, everyone welcome to the 2021 summer challenge If you are looking for the look of your 11 abs, these 10-Minute Abs Workouts, are the perfect workout for you.

You can do this video alone, or you can share this with us Free 35-day program by following the calendar. Planner I’m giving away 3 apple watches.

Also, there are many people who need a friend, need motivation.

So share your progress in the comments and use my hashtag. These exercises contain 12, reps, 40 seconds of continuing and 10 seconds of rest.

All these exercises will help you get 11 lines of stomach muscles, Lay down on your fitness mat, and we’ll start dropping the scissors. You’re, basically, moving your feet like scissors as your feet.

Go down, make your palm rest on your side Or you can rest them under your butt for some back support.

If you still feel a lot of pressure on your lower back, Then you can do a little push-up and this works your stomach muscles more or you can choose not to lower your legs too much Now stay put, and we have bike pressure afterwards.

Remember that if you want to get defined flat abs, you need to engage your core and the best way to do that is to focus on your breathing.

Squeeze your abdominal muscles every time you exhale Now flip it over, and we’ll do the next mountaineers.

This is an advanced mountaineer, make sure to engage your core while taking your legs out to the side, and this Really works your entire core and lower abdominal muscles. Then go back to the mat again, and we have the key.

This is similar to a reverse crunch, But you roll left or right. It helps you work your whole heart, especially on those curves and lower abs. Go back upstairs again, and we have a reverse mountaineer: Push your knees toward the opposite, elbows and engage that core.

Again, You have to work for those muscles Now get on your back again And we have three V-up directions. You basically cycle between V-up with both legs up, then your left leg and Then your right leg and repeat your abs should be burning now.

My one was burning but keep pushing guys Now we flip around and have pistons twist, and then you jump to one side as you rotate your lower body.

This really works the outer curves and abs that give you that linear definition We’re more than halfway through rehearsal. You guys, Just another five minutes wouldn’t be long at all.

You can do it a Great job, guys now, on the side plank with one arm bent like this, and we’re going to twist and get the elbow touch. The floor will really work on your curves and your entire essence.

This is hard, So I’ve included a less dense version if it helps turn to the side now, and we will do the other side, and this exercise will definitely give you.

The definition of the abdominal muscles Now lie on your back again and keep your legs as straight as possible And try to squeeze as hard as possible, trying to touch your toes.

Remember that you are using your core muscles to lift you not your neck, Be safe! Guys, I know it’s hard, but we’re almost done keep pushing Now flip back to a plank position at your elbows, and we’ll do some thigh exercises.

Make sure to go down when doing the dive, but make sure you are still in good shape. Just one more exercise to do after this Flip over again guys for the last time and our last workout in and our focus on that breath Inhale as you bend back and exhale and press as you go back in This.

Is the exercise guys, great job. You guys have been through this. All you have to do is keep paying, and you will get results. Please leave a comment below on how you are going as it helps others too.

And don’t forget to show me some love by smashing the like and subscribe button. If you haven’t already, and I’ll see you in the next exercise, ~ Bye.

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