ABS & CORE WORKOUT | Belly Fat Reduction HOME WORKOUT | 12 mins Beginners | Fitness with Apoorva


ABS & CORE WORKOUT | Belly Fat Reduction HOME WORKOUT | 12 mins Beginners | Fitness with Apoorva

Hey guys Welcome back to Fitness with Apoorva with me, Apoorva Jayarajan, In this video we will be doing some core drills that are sure to strengthen, tighten and work. Those Abdominal, But as always- before we begin don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, show some love by hitting the thumbs up button and clicking that bell icon. So, you can be notified when I drop more such content. Before we get to the workout, i would like to emphasize that, as with any routine, consistency is key, and you will not get results unless you practice regularly and with dedication. Also remember to supplement your workouts with a good, healthy, balanced, nutritious diet and sufficient amount of cardio.

During the week Alright lets go. We have 10 moves in this workout. First up we have

1) Knee hugs for 60 seconds. Standing straight, bring your knees into your chest. Gently hug, your knee in as you crunch, your belly Exhale as you engage your core to crunch and inhale as you switch legs.

We are just warming up our core here, so focus on keeping your back straight as you maintain your balance and crunching your core

2). Next, we have Side Elbow to knee touches for 60 seconds, Standing straight with your legs. Apart place, your hands behind your head and bring your right knee up to touch your right elbow and then your left knee up to touch your left elbow This move is excellent as a low impact cardio as well. You can pick up the pace as you crunch sideways, or continue moving side to side Lets. Do this

3), We move to Standing Bicycle for 60 seconds.

Standing with your feet. Shoulder width apart place, your hands behind your head with your elbows bent, Bring your right knee up cross to touch your left elbow and then your left leg up cross to touch your right elbow Continue. This move for a low-impact version. Take care to maintain your balance with this move, Keep engaging your core throughout this workout

4) Coming up next, alternating twisters for 60 seconds Standing with your feet. Shoulder width apart, raise one knee up and twist with your upper body Control the move by being slow and deliberate with your movement Exhale as you twist, and inhale to slowly bring your leg down.

5) Move onto the Left side Make every move count by being aware of your movement Contract, your core with each crunch, grab a sip of water and take a second to towel yourself, of-, not too much you don’t want to cramp up

6). We move to Mountain bends for 60 seconds, standing up straight keeping your feet at the shoulder. Width- raise your arms above your head; Exhale and bend to one side Inhale and come back to neutral Gently bend over to one side on an exhalation inhale to come to neutral and bend to the other side. These such a simple move, but it makes all the difference into melting those cute little love handles. We all have

7). Our next move is Airplane crunches for 30 seconds ON YOUR RIGHT LEG, Standing up, lift up your leg at hip height to crunch and reach your torso forward. Extending your leg behind you, Keep the standing leg slightly bent and extend your arms overhead to maintain your balance, Keep your focus on squaring your hips and your core

8). We take 10 seconds here and switch sides, Continue with the Warrior balance on your LEFT LEG for 30 seconds. My legs were on fire by this point: Focus on slow movements instead of more reps, We move to

9) Walkouts for 60 seconds. Standing at the end of your mat, raise your arms up to activate your core and bend forward with your legs straight as you walk into a plank with your hands.

Try to keep your legs straight and active as you feel your hamstrings opening up, hold your plank for a second before walking back and coming back up to standing. This move focuses on full body, strengthening so try to engage your core the whole time:

10), goddess side, bends coming into a wide-legged stance. Point your toes slightly outwards, lower your hips tucking, your tailbone in and shine your inner thighs forward, while keeping your chest straight place your hands on the back of your head or on your waist to begin Inhale to begin and exhale to bend to one side Inhale To come back to nuetral and exhale to bend on the other side, This one really targets your abdominal back and your glutes Come on guys lets work. Those abs Continue in your wide-legged stance for our next move, which is-

11) Wide legged twisters for 60 seconds. This is an amazing move to shave of the excess fat from all over your torso Stand with your feet wider than hip width apart and bring your hands up to shoulder, level Inhale to begin and exhale.

As you twist, your torso bringing one hand to the opposite leg: Try to look up at the extended arm above your head, if possible, inhale to lift up  standing and exhale to twist and continue on the other side. Come one We’ve just got one more move to complete this workout Lets. To do this, Let us finish with jumping jacks for 60 seconds. This is a killer, cardio move that will help with overall reduction of excess fat. Stay light on your feet and be explosive with your movements.

Let your hands come all the way up and continue to breathe. As you move Dayummmmm that one set my core on fireeeee, How are you guys feeling has the routine worked for you? Let me know in the comments below And if it has to don’t forget, to share it with a friend pay. It forward shares it with your friends and your groups. Workout together, I hope you guys enjoyed this workout if you did -don’t forget to leave a like and share this video, please let me know in the comments below what more workouts you would like to see on my channel.

You can check out my breath series here. My other workouts here – And I also do a lot of yoga flows that you can check out right here Until then, stay safe, stay at home, stay healthy and keep practicing. Namastay

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