ABS & BUTT BURN | 20 minute Home Workout


ABS & BUTT BURN | 20 minute Home Workout

Minus three days how you feeling this is one very sleep, deprived human right here, but she’s still smiling. How are you guys feeling? Are you as excited as me? Now confession? I’M already dripping with sweat, because i just filmed a 40 minute.

Yes, 40 freaking minute waits versus cardio hourglass sculpt for the app and Alex will concur. I was i was breathless right like come. The end he’s literally like this behind the camera come the end. I was dripping with sweat and just breathing, so we’re going in again. This is only 20 minutes.

Okay, 20 minutes of pure graft grab your weights grab your adjustable resistance van we’re going in on booty and abs. Okay, it’s a 20-minute challenge.

There are no breaks at all zero breaks in 20 minutes, and it’s not very, but it’s gonna feel amazing, but before we get started, how excited you about the app like on a scale of one to ten, where you at we’ve been working on this?

For a year, how crazy is that and it’s about to launch on thursday, on freaking thursday um, but we’re going to be doing a q a straight after this on instagram, so make sure you head over. I’M going to be answering all your questions because I know you have so many um and we’ll be going through.

All of that, but DJ Alex is in the house. So let’s get some music going guys we’re going to be starting in 15 to 20 seconds. I want you to pop your adjustable band on okay, we’re starting off down on the mat pop that band just above the knees, and I want to have your butt absolutely burning on fire. Okay, all right! You guys, lets frickin, do this!

Let’s feel that burn coming! All the way down we’re starting off with the feet together the knees apart load, the weight on three minutes. Each circuit up humble Laura, find that beat four three two: let’s go; one minute; each exercise, you still, isn’t handy;a little bit higher, come on hold you have 20 seconds left of holding of squeezing that bar come on knees wide as high as you can higher. 10. 9.

8. 7. 6. Wider. Can I just take a second to ask: is your butt absolutely trembling as well?

Okay, take the fact off. We are now into a three minute ab circuit. Okay, first up really simple: there’s gon na be a bicycle crunch with the weights lift up rotate. Let’S be go me: let’s go come on you guys, 20 seconds. You can do it that’s bad.

It goes up.  legs, wide; okay drop one weight down crunch up, lower change, arms,, push it  Oh, do not stop; okay, nine, eight! Seven four: now we hold last 30 seconds is always a halt. Yes, you guys pull that cord nice and tight rip cage down.

You can do it DJ, Alex how you’re doing okay, 15 seconds left come on hold strong, hold strong core tight. You guys do not give up. This is circuit two good, six, five, four, three two and one: oh back into booty. Okay, sidewalk series. I’M sorry!

You guys bring yourselves up pop that band on. If you want to make this harder, it is entirely up to you, though, okay all right and when you’re grabbing a heavier weight down onto the forearm. If the bands aren’t amazing, push up open and close, let’s go  stupid circle; oh, my god; three. Oh my god, 10 seconds come on you guys, come on you guys. You can do that!

Okay, hold here! If you want to or if you really want to make it hard bring it forward. I’M watching you guys, and I know what you can do: okay 20 seconds hold on  a little higher a little higher eight seven, six. All right! You guys nice guys!

Okay, if i haven’t see you just done that other workout, I promise I would have my band on right now, but honestly that other workout for the app my hips are gone. Come on, you guys, oh, come on! If you can pop that weight on, I just don’t know if my left hip left. Let me try the left one, let’s go, bring it back into neutral, squeeze that booty lower mid lower guys. I don’t know who I think I am trying to film for me.

I can’t do this me, okay, hold strong release your inner super woman and freaking hold strong okay. If you can come forward, I know who you are. I am watching you, I want you as far forward to me as possible, and I want in a hip high, do not let it drop. That includes you literally.

A second come on eight seven, six, five, five, three higher two: are you ready to obliterate your abs? Oh, my gosh, because my my butt is gone. It’s gone all right that hurt that hurt starting off with hundreds if you’ve got a dumbbell. I want you to pop that dumbbell in between your legs, find that beat apart, okay advance. If you can straighten the legs out, beginners legs are okay.

Is that chin to chest seconds, in a diamond shape? You guys, underneath the lower back reverse crunch, open close: let’s go three ; okay, we keep holding reach those arms up and over. Oh my gosh, up into standing to finish up for you guys, owners. Two minutes and 30 seconds left 

If you want to you, can double band pop the hip band just below the knees? Okay grab, one wait. We step out step and center  foreign ow, six, five. okay, 30 seconds. Each exercise: we’ve only got two left after this come  on  lily. Why did you do this to yourself find the meat one two in it?

One two: three, four, three: two ? Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, three knees. Oh, my gosh Alex, am i filming again tomorrow? I don’t think i no. I am, but just at filming so not YouTube.

Oh, oh my gosh girls, you absolutely smashed it. I feel like. I don’t even know how hard that was for you because of what I’ve just done before, but that felt really hard for me. That was like the most intense 20 minute finisher ever. All I can say is you are phenomenal.

I am so proud of you, girls, for showing up every single day. How did you find hot girl summer by the way I feel like? That was a lot of your like favorite guide. Ever I absolutely loved it like i loved it loved it um and this week obviously feels very quiet, and but that’s because we’ve got the app launching on Thursday. I know a lot of you have been saying like what else am I doing with this today?

Obviously, you can add something in it’s entirely up to you guys, and I don’t mind it’s up to you. You choose have a little extra burn, but as of Thursday, you’ll obviously have access to the app and there’s so much in there. Oh, my gosh there’s so much in there, but I’m gonna have to jump straight on to Instagram now to do the live q a so please come on over.

If you have questions to ask about it, then tomorrow, here on youtube, we upload a little video. Then, on Wednesday, here on YouTube, we are doing a show through so you’ll actually be like looking over my shoulder looking at the app i’m going to be showing you through it all how to use it.

What’s on there, what to expect all of that stuff and then on Thursday? Oh – and we also have another – live tomorrow on Lima lily – Instagram, yes, 500 reps! I think, oh, my god, my body is going to be so dumb by the end, then Thursday, we have a launch party and that is a workout launch party, with DJ Elliott, who’s playing guys. I love you so much from a broken lily. Savory.

Thank you. So much for joining. I hope you enjoyed that and it’s so funny, because i think other girls would probably like look all fresh and lovely for their q a about their app and I’ve just come after doing like a ridiculous amount of sweaty stuff, but it’s fun. Keeping it real all right, you guys, I will see you on Instagram. I love you so much.

I hope you enjoyed that and yeah just I’m going to get emotional without talking anymore. Thank you for being part of this journey and it’s so exciting. Oh, my gosh, I can’t believe it’s right. I love you! Well done you smashed it.

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