Abs and Butt Workout | No Equipment | At Home Booty Workout

Abs and Butt Workout | No Equipment | At Home Booty Workout

Hey everyone how’s it going so today we have an app and booty workout. I took a little break from working out, so I decided to combine like my abs and booty exercises together, and this is what I came up with and I really loved it.

My booty actually really burns after the workout, but of course, you’ve got to focus all your energy on your butts and your abs when you’re doing these exercises.

If you’re just moving your arms and legs without thinking much without focusing on your butts or apps, your butt Is not gonna grow, so you got a focus alright, and that applies to any body parts anyway.

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We have two circuits today and each exercise is going to be 40 seconds with 10 seconds. Rest time. It’s pretty straightforward. Let’s get started. The first exercise is narrow and wide stance squat.

I love this variation because it works the different part of leg muscles and make sure you keep your core tight and focus on the body when you’re at the bottom. I can always feel it on my upper glutes when I do sumo squat.

We have 10 seconds break and the second exercise is standing. Bicycle crunch touch your opposite elbow with your opposite knee. It’s really simple! Remember to squeeze your abs and folders on your abs.

The third exercise is rebus lunch, hi Nene. This is so great in working your glutes and your abs at the same time, and it’s a killer, make sure your front knee doesn’t pass the toes when you’re lunging down and make sure you squeeze your buttocks at the bottom position.

And when you drive up your knee, make sure you use your front heel to push yourself and squeeze your abs. I know just a few things to remember here, but you’ll get used to it, let’s tape of 10 seconds break, and we’re going to do the same thing on our other leg. Now the last exercise for this urkki is standing toe touch.

This is a great way to work. The whole apps remember to squeeze your abs. We have a 15 second rest time and we are going to repeat the circuit one more time.

Let’s start the first exercise again, remember to keep your core tight and squeeze your abs and buttocks. Let’s take a breather, and we’re going to do standing bicycle punch.

Next, we have realist lunch with Jaime, remember to squeeze your butt and your abs. Let’s work on the other side, too. Now the love excess for the circuit is standing toe touch, squeeze your damn axe. 

We have a quick 15 seconds break and we’re moving on to our second circuit. This circuit is small, glutes focused, and the first exercise is glute bridge a variation to the standard, glute bridge, so first open up your knees and let your feet touch.

Lift your hips off the ground until your knees, hips and shoulders form a straight line.

This really targets the outer woods. I can always feel the burn just doing this. The second exercise is narrow, glute reach. So, this is another variation and bring your knees together and eat together.

Now do the same thing and feel the burn on your butt’s. This works mostly the gluteus maximus muscle. This is the main butt muscle group, so this is going to make your butt pretty nice and round. The third exercise is a reverse crunch.

This is one of my favorite exercises for lower abs.

Sorry, I’ve gotta include it since we’re already lying on the ground, lift your hips off the ground using add muscle and keep your core tight.

The fourth exercise is donkey kicks with houses. I absolutely love the burn on this. One. Keep your leg up and pause for three times or more.

Your butt is going to cramp up off the 40 seconds. You’re gonna feel so good. Now, let’s take a quick, ten seconds break and we’re going to do the same thing on our side.

The last exercise is leg, extended punch. This works the whole apps and I have a love and hate relationship with this one and that’s why it’s in here, remember to squeeze your abs and keep it engaged at all time.

Also, a man walked in here when I was recording and just stare at me. Just waiting for me that was so awkward and he does that to me every time and that’s the circuit nice one guys I were a fifteen-second break and we’re repeating this circuit one more time. The first exercise is glute bridge, again remember to squeeze your butt at the top position.

It’s going to look funny, but it’s going to work your way, let’s take a quick, ten seconds break and second exercise is narrow: glute bridge. Now, let’s take a breather and reverse crunch: yay.

The next exercise is donkey kicks with pulses. I hope your booty feels the burn by now. Now, let’s work on the other side, how’s your buoy feeling right now, all right.

The final exercise is leg extended crunch without almost there, so don’t give up. We can finish this workout, that’s a guy’s!

You have completed this ad and late workout, I’ll recommend doing this one more time so totally both sets. That’s the guys! You completed this app and late workout, I’ll recommend doing this one more time so totally for sex each. It would be a more abundance. I hope you had a great workout and don’t forget to smash the like button.

If you like this workout I’ll, really appreciate that, thanks for watching and I’ll see, you guys soon, bye,

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