A Week of Workouts // Calisthenics, Bouldering & My Training – Workout Inspiration – Lucy Lismore

A Week of Workouts // Calisthenics, Bouldering & My Training – Workout Inspiration – Lucy Lismore

Standards For a Safe, Effective and Rewarding Bodyweight Calisthenics Program

Most people recognize with some sort of bodyweight exercises program or another … whether it be from physical education or a sport you were associated with.

Nevertheless, the majority of people wrongly think a bodyweight exercises program is “simple” … and often put themselves at risk.

When just using your own bodyweight as resistance, yes … you can still injure yourself even.

A bodyweight calisthenics program is extremely safe, fulfilling and reliable … if you follow some simple standards.

Guidelines For A Successful Bodyweight Calisthenics Program

– Start Slow

Whether you are simply beginning a bodyweight calisthenics program, or consisting of a bodyweight exercises program into current physical training … do not over-do it in the beginning.

Bodyweight calisthenics training is various than other forms of training, (causing its efficiency), and will stress the body in different manners than other forms of training, like weight lifting.

Don’t ignore bodyweight exercises workouts!


– Warm Up Before and Cool Down After

A correctly planned bodyweight exercises program can be surprisingly challenging … and ought to be dealt with like other forms of difficult exercise.

A correct heat up and cool down is definitely essential.

You should prepare your body for the difficult exercise to come, and start the repair procedure after physical activity.

– Perform The Exercises Properly

Many individuals believe they understand how to perform the exercises making up their bodyweight exercises program correctly … but they don’t!

Bodyweight calisthenics workout is among the safest and most efficient and satisfying kind of workout there is … if done appropriately!

Use a comprehensive guide with descriptions and pictures to ensure appropriate performance of the exercises … and considerably reduce the risk of injury.

Think quality over amount when performing your bodyweight exercises program.

– Progress At Your Own Pace

In order to gain the rewards and advantages of your bodyweight calisthenics program … your training should be progressive.

If you’re not improving over time … what’s the point of training?

Regrettably, many people limit themselves to one type of development when using bodyweight calisthenics workouts … increasing reps.

To get the most out of your bodyweight calisthenics program, and prevent overuse injuries … progress in several ways.

At your own rate … you will make sure every workout produces the finest results for YOU if you progress detailed on several levels.


A bodyweight exercises program is an exceptional way to get in shape without pricey devices or expensive health club memberships … and is the most versatile and available physical training approaches at hand.

Treat your bodyweight exercises program with respect!

Don’t let the “easy” nature of bodyweight calisthenics exercise fool you … your bodyweight calisthenics program need to be treated with the exact same safety and care as other kinds of physical training.

Correctly done, a bodyweight calisthenics program can be a stand-alone exercise program for health, body and physical fitness … or an excellent addition to other kinds of exercise.

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