3 Stages to Lose Belly Fat Permanently in 2021 | Tips to Get a Flat Stomach | 100% Result Oriented

3 Stages to Lose Belly Fat Permanently in 2021 | Tips to Get a Flat Stomach | 100% Result Oriented

Hello, everyone, you are watching Food Fitness & Fun, and I am dietician Manju Malik, So a healthy diet is not just about what we eat, but also what we drink. In fact, the liquid calories that we are consuming can impact us on how it is going to affect our metabolism, So how our body gets detoxed, How metabolism of our body can be boosted? How we can prevent ourselves from eating extra calories, or we can utilise those calories in a more efficient way that we have consumed? How can we digest our main food? We can increase its digestibility.

All these things depend upon what we drink, So over a period of time. I think, for the past 3-4 years, there were a few drinks that I have included in my diet on a regular basis. And today I’m going to talk about such three drinks that I’m consuming on a daily basis. So first one is my morning: drink My afternoon, herbal tea that also keeps changing as per the season And last, but not the least, my bedtime or evening drink. So if I talk about the morning drink or as per the season in winters, we all know that our metabolism drops Also, it is the season when your skin and hair is affected And also our consumption of sweet increases as we eat those laddus and those pinnis which are important for our health.

We need them in this season, But how can we save ourselves from their side effects? How we start our day, What is the first thing that goes inside our body? So if I talk about morning drink, let me show you which morning drink I’m consuming now. It gives me a very good start for the day. It helps me cleanse my system.

It helps me improve my metabolism. Furthermore, it helps me reduce cravings. So, the first thing that I consume within my fasting window is my morning drink, which I take empty stomach. And it is nowadays apple, cider, vinegar and the brand. I use this Kapiva’s Apple Cider, Vinegar with Garcinia So this apple cider vinegar is unfiltered.

Unpasteurised apple, cider, vinegar, infused with Garcinia. It is pure because it contains’the mother’. It is basically the strands you can see when you shake it, So those strands are basically the actual nutrients that it contains, which are most beneficial In market. Concentrated apple, cider, vinegar is also available, but they are not at all beneficial, always go for pure unfiltered. Unpasteurized apple cider, vinegar, And Himalayan apples are used for this, so I’m very happy.

I have been using Kapiva’s product for so long, And this is my latest edition, So last year because of the lockdown. A lot of people gain weight, laziness increased, but then, if you want to start this year in a healthy note – and you want to be in good shape so make sure to include a good morning drink in your diet And Kapiva’s apple, cider, vinegar is one such Product which I want to recommend because it has got a lot of benefits, the most important thing is it break-downs fat and prevent fat accumulation? There are a lot of reason for unnecessary fat accumulation in your body To reduce that both the primary ingredients, which are apple, cider, vinegar and garcinia, are very useful. So by combining two wonderful ingredients, this becomes a special drink. For me To talk about the benefits of apple, cider, vinegar and Garcinia is that They boost your metabolism.

They aid digestion because they contain healthy enzymes and probiotics, Which are very good for your gut health. The support weight loss they help in reducing cravings, lower down cholesterol level. It is very good for skin and hair. It helps in managing blood sugar level. Garcinia increases potency and efficiency of this drink, and it also helps in detoxification, The main ingredient of apple cider.

Vinegar is the citric acid which is attached to its health benefit, Whereas garcinia contains Hydroxycitric acid (, Hca ) Hydroxycitric acid is also very effective when it comes to fat/weight loss, and it also helps in reducing fat accumulation. So if you want to buy Kapiva apple, cider, vinegar, plus Garcinia, I will provide its link in the description box. It is very easy to make, you just need to shake the bottle. Then you have to dilute 5-10ml of this drink in a glass of water And you have to consume it in empty stomach. I prefer to consume this drink with a straw because citric acid can erode your tooth enamel.

So, it is important to rinse your mouth if you’re drinking it, normally I prefer it to drink with straw. After that, I rinse my mouth The next thing is my afternoon drinks that is the herbal tea that I drink after my lunch, Many people feel tired and low on energy after lunch. That is a time around 2:30 PM to 3 PM. At that time you need a boost of energy, So the culture of drinking herbal, tea that I started it can be basic herbal tea, a mix of ginger cloves and black pepper Many times I have tried lemongrass, but let me show you the recipe of what I Am drinking nowadays My second important drink number two is the herbal tea which I drink post-lunch. Let me show the ingredients that I consume at present: Little ginger, half a teaspoon fennel seeds, 2, black pepper, 2 cloves, a little cinnamon powder, one cardamom – and apart from that, I have taken green tea leaves they are of great quality.

I use tea bags very less. As much as I can, And I prefer whole leaf of green tea because their potency is very high. They are more nutritious, they contain more antioxidants and more nutrients, So I am crushing all the ingredients roughly. I haven’t crushed cinnamon and green tea. Apart from that, all the ingredients have been crushed in mortar and pestle I have added 2 cups of water in a pan.

I have added the mixture of all the spices in it. I will heat it And I will leave it to boil After one boil. I will simmer it a little so that it gets more infused and then, in the end, just before switching off the heat, I have added the green tea and cinnamon And I will cover it to get infused for a few more minutes. After straining, I enjoy it drinking warm as my post-lunch drink. When I am doing my work, It improves digestion.

It helps in digesting the food you ate in the lunch. Also, it helps in absorption and utilisation of nutrients. It helps boost metabolism, it boosts energy and mood. It helps in cleansing and if you have any digestive disorder after eating like bloating, indigestion or acidity, it helps in those problems as well. It supports weight loss, It is a perfect drink for winter.

Also, it improves brain function. At this time, I sit and do my work. I work on my video, so I want my brain to be alert, and I want my energy to be up, and also it keeps the mood well. The last drink is the third drink of the day. It is my favourite drink because it is very filling, and it is delicious to taste, I totally relish it.

And that is my bedtime drink. It is flavored milk, you can say it can be chocolate, milk, it can be almond milk, But the one which is my favourite for this season is turmeric milk. I have shown you the recipe for carrot. Milk also. I have shown you recipe for peanut buttermilk Also, I have shown you how you can make sheera from besan and milk, which is very good for throat.

I have shared all recipes for flavoured milk, But my favourite is turmeric milk. Let me share its recipe with you because it not only contains turmeric. It has herbs which are very important for female health. It has shatavari black pepper and some more herbs. So let us see its recipe.

The last drink is the flavoured milk. I have discussed all the drinks, but my favourite is turmeric spiced milk. The ingredient for this is a home-made, ready to use turmeric spiced mixture. I have already shared its recipe. It has very important spices and herbs.

This drink is made with Ayurvedic herbs. It contains almonds, also I’ll, add now 1/4th teaspoon aliv seeds, which are soaked in little water As soon as you add them in water, they swell up and forms a gel. Don’t confuse aliv seeds with flaxseeds. These are not black seeds. These are not mustard seeds.

These are aliv seeds, Which are also known as halim seeds. I took a cup of dairy milk and I had all these three ingredients in a pan And I will place them in to heat. When it is heated, I will simmer and my healthy, delicious bedtime or evening drink is ready to be consumed. I enjoy it warm while reading a book, So these are the three drinks that I include in my diet on a daily basis That helps me stay fit that helps me maintain my weight. They support my metabolism and digestive system, So I think it will be very good if you include them in your diet too.

So, thanks for watching Stay, healthy, stay, fit, stay, active, and I’ll be back very soon. Bye-Bye..

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