23 Min Abs and Butt Workout // Flat Stomach and Firm Buns


23 Min Abs and Butt Workout // Flat Stomach and Firm Buns

Hi guys this is Milena fitness busting Gus is a high intensity, Full-body strength and conditioning workout. That’s going to target your butt and thighs and your core, so you’re ready to get started.

We’re gonna go ahead and warm up. I want your feet to be in a neutral position And they want you just. Do it a little bit of a squat with a reach So halfway down squat and reach you’re not even going super low, We’re just warming up the body, We’re gonna be doing this warm-up and all of our butts and guts Workout so get used to this Warm-Up as we move along as the series and the workouts to come here at gym, run Good.

We’re gonna do about four more Three. Just opening up the chest to pushing our weight back in your heels and One good go ahead and bring your hands into your chest and just twist side to side warming up that core.

So, we’re working our core today We’re working our butt and thighs. I don’t want you to move the hips. I just want you to move that waistline Good, Just like that.

Let’s go ahead and bring our feet a little bit wider. Continue that twisting movement Here in our butts and gets warm up Ready to work our core, our booties, our thighs to burn some calories Burns of fat.

Okay, we’re gonna go into some hamstring, kicks We’re just gonna warm up the back of our legs and continuing to work our core Bringing about ten more of these, You feel it stretch up the back of the legs. We want to try to keep your foot flexed your legacy right as you can for more Good. Now, we’re gonna go ahead and bring our heels back to our butts, Should be getting pretty warm here.


We’re gonna start to pick up the pace a little bit Your heart rates, gonna get elevated on and off throughout these butts and gut series. It’s just a good thing: okay, heart rates gonna go up and drop up and drop just depending on the different workout that we’re doing Good.

Let’s go into a little lateral jump, opening up the hips side to side keeping our core tight; So you’re bending down to about a 45-degree angle, You’re just moving side to side laterally keeping those feet parallel. Working those outer thighs Open and close open, close open, close open, close few more Good. Okay, moving on nice and warm We’re gonna put our feet wide.

So, instead of a neutral position, We’re gonna go a little bit wider Toes out just a hair, you’re gonna drop down into a wide squat You’re gonna press at the top rock and press drop and press drop press Good. Now we’re gonna add a little jump.

Squat jump good, eight, more eight, Seven, six, five for three to feeling that burn and One good back into the lateral jumps. Let’s go for 21 great for five abs tight, But pushed back land on those heels Wide wide wide good.

Top ten Breathe Should feel that burn through the glutes Three two one straight back through wide squat squeeze it at the top drop and squeeze drop and squeeze Drop and squeeze that extra squeeze the tops really gonna targeting those glutes.

You guys drop and squeeze and squeeze Good we’re gonna add a tiny raise right here. Why good drop Nia drop? Nia Drop me up. Let’s do ten more nine, Eight 76, five, four three two: What Good, Squat and press we’re gonna keep moving throughout this whole workout, Not a lot of breaks. My goal is to get you guys: burning calories, blast things back in our thighs in our mid-section About a 20-minute segment.

We’re gonna work really, really hard in these workouts. Seven, more six make sure you squeeze at the top five four three One back picking India decide.

You’re gonna touch your ankle. Okay, as you touch that ankle, your core gets engaged a little bit more, rather than just doing this right. Why touch the ankle you’re working your outer obliques, your ab muscles, a lot harder?

Here we go Twenty reps to one. Two three four five works deliver six, Bring that knee up as high as you can touch that ankle last few right here, stay with me Good last two and one Awesome job.

You guys we’re gonna go straight into some jumping. Jacks gonna get that heart rate right up wide arms. Here we go two three, four: five: six: Seven, eight nine ten last ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two one squat Jack.

Here we go; Making it a little bit harder, Squat Jack, we’re combining Jack movement with a squat; last ten, nine, eight, Seven, six, five, Four, three: Two One jumping jacks! Here we go twenty-three: four: five: six: seven: eight nine Heart rates up in ten nine, eight, seven, six, five! Four: three: two back to squat jacks go 15 2 3 4. Push through those heels push that weight back, keep those ABS, nice and tight. Those legs should be on fire, but should be on fire.

Any jumping exercise guys really targets that fat boxing that we all want. Last 5, 4 3 see One we’re gonna sidestep it out. We’re gonna drop the heart rate just a little bit. We’re gonna go back into that white squat, with a squeeze we’re gonna change that up again.

So, we’re taking this Button gut series to a whole new level with some intensity. Some of the basic movements you may or may not know Right Here we go wide stance toes slightly out, rot, squeeze it at the top Drop squeeze it at the top drop squeeze.

Now we’re going to come up on our toes Here. We go They’re gonna drop, you’re gonna squeeze all the way up on those toes really engaging that glute and hamstring tie in Back of that leg.

Up into that glue, So what everybody wants nice shape to squeeze breathe up on the toes drop got about ten more here we go ten nice get as low as you can elevating up squeezing Last five stay with me. Four Three, Two One Nice we’re gonna sidestep it up. We’re gonna go back step Wide squat jacks, we’re gonna keep our body a little bit lower this time So you’re in that wide squat, you bring those feet together.

Here we go. This is a little bit difficult for some of you. If it is, you can always go back here right. Five, four, three: Two one squat with the toe Squat on the toe Here we go squat Elevate up squat like a string is lifting you up. Abs, tight, Hamstrings, tight glutes tight, hitting those caps two Right there targeting major muscle areas, but also hitting a small muscle areas that everybody wants to find Good.

Let’s go ten more Nine Up. Abs, tight, eight up, seven shoulders back Six. You don’t want an arch back. The back is important part of your core, so that gut area You want to put those shoulders back to keep that gut area nice and flat Hurry To One Good Awesome job, sidestep it out We’re gonna step nice and wide We’re gonna reach down to Our left side or your right first and draw a circle. Okay, We’re about halfway through you, guys We’re gonna.

Kick it up even more. You target some of those button core areas a little bit deeper. Let’s go switch sides three. I call these spinal rotations. A nice stretch Good so now we’re gonna do what I call standing up crunch you’re gonna sweep those hamstrings and glutes Push your booty back.

Okay, right keeping your feet straight, parallel handling your hips, and you’re gonna squeeze up; Okay, standing up wide crunching forward, bending forward Working back the legs and the glutes, but also working those ABS right.

Here we go We’re gonna do about 30 reps of these 30 reps. You guys. I really want you to think about the movement. Connect the mind to that muscle.

You will work Ten times harder. Trust me squeeze about 20, more Good Nice. I’M really tightening up. My core and I’m really tightening up my butt. As I go down and my hamstrings Okay lost ten, You could do these anywhere living room beach right.

You are stayed with me, Two more And one, so we’re gonna go and add on to this You’re gonna bend forward knee up touch the ankle bend forward knee up touch the ankle bend forward. Nice breathes Flat back lean forward with that chest. Okay, don’t let your shoulders hunch forward reach? Let’s go about ten more! That core is really working out.

You get a nice stretch up the back of the leg, but you’re also working those hamstrings and those glutes futzing guts right here, Five more five, Four: Three: Two one: Nice bending forward up on the toes bending forward up on the toes Continuing on these standing up. Crunches, what I like Tom, really functional movement here, and We’re continuing moving continuously During this training, So you’re constantly leasing that fat-burning zone.

So, those of you who train with heart rate monitors, know, got at, get your heart rate, elevated above a certain level To really make sure you’re targeting in that fat-burning zone, And that’s what we’re doing here today.

So, even if you don’t have a heart rate monitor if you stick with these spots and gut series, You will know that you are gonna be in that fat targeting zone So again, hands can come up above the head Or you can keep them here So make sure you squeeze up on those toes last five. Four, Three Two, you can’t even add a weight and One nice Lets, but kick it out Remember any time you need to take a break, go back to one of the movements.

I showed you in the warm-up. Okay, you can go back to this but cake. You can go into a hamstring. Kick Okay Or you can even go into our twist right, Alright, so we’re gonna change things up a little bit, and we’re gonna go ahead and grab a mat or, if you’re indoors, That’s fine, We’re gonna get all our buttons. Okay, your feet are gonna stay right in front of you.

You want to put your foot in a flexed position. Take those heels into the ground really just lay down on our backs. We’re gonna target our hamstrings a little bit deeper.

Okay and our butt, so we’re gonna squeeze up pushing digging into the ground, squeezing our hamstrings, squeezing our glutes keeping our core tight, and we’re gonna come down. Now I don’t want you to come down all the way.

Okay, so we’re gonna constantly keep those hamstrings’ intention, So you’re gonna squeeze up and down up and down up and down So you’re still doing a full rep full range, but you’re just not hitting the ground.

Okay, Now you want to work a little bit harder in your chair or bench or something at home. You can go ahead and put your feet. On top of their look a nice deeper, a Debt nice deeper, pull into that hamstring, you’re gonna feel about really pulling tight, which is awesome back of the legs: okay up and sweet. So, we’re gonna do about thirty reps of these We’re gonna really get a good burn.

Okay, Again squeeze the glue at the top, keep those ABS, nice and tight Okay. 15. We go Fired up. I feel my butt nice and tight my hamstrings six, five, four three two one hold it here: Squeeze squeeze squeeze tight, tight, tight, tight, tight, dig. Those heels down, dig, dig, dig and four three two and release Good, keep those feet right in front of you all the way on stretching out the spine and roll down.

Keep those hands over the chest well time to see a lot of people doing this, and they use their necks so much when they are doing a sit-up Okay.

So, this is what now I like to do sit-ups. This is how I like to teach sit ups, and these are really functional. Okay, So again hand right about the chest rolling up through the spine and rolling down. You don’t just want to plop down.

I see that all the time too, So I don’t care what kind of ab Workout program that you’re doing. You always want to make sure that you’re rolling through the spine up and down digging those heels still into the ground. All of these little tweaks that I’m doing on these movements are gonna really help.

You engage That much more okay, eight, more seven, six, five, four: three Control: the core: two One: good back up: squeeze hamstring bridge tight, tight, tight down and up one two. Three Four: five, six seven eight breathe, squeeze Breathe.


You guys. I want your abs tight, your glutes tight, your hamstrings tight last ten. Here we go Ten nine eight We’re gonna hold at the top Get ready, Oh, Fill, that bird and hold squeeze pick one leg up.

If you can hold it little challenge and switch Butts and guts baby and switch again And switch again blast that come on stay with me and switch And pull them down, pull those up and slowly roll through the spine Straight through to those sit-ups dig those heels In don’t relax here, Almost done All the way up Hand stay over the chest, So your abs are constantly engaged.

Okay, if you put that neck and shoulder back down you’re releasing if you’re a little bit more advanced, you can keep that neck and shoulder up Really get a nice burn.

Every to do about 20, more really burn out those ABS here as we’re ending out our first episode of this series, butts and guts, Really just conditioning our bottom, my size Right, our legs, our core and burning fat.

That’s what’s most important, You really want to blast fat in every workout that we do. Nobody wants a gut. Everybody wants a really nice butt right. Last ten, ten nine eight seven six Rolling through the spine up and down for the three Nice and one good pull that back up straighten it out.

Alright, Very last thing: we’re gonna, do it in every single episode of butts and guts or what I call my butts and guts crunches. If all they are you guys, your feet are gonna go out straight in front of you, You’re gonna point.

Your toes You’re gonna lock your legs You’re gonna squeeze your butt You’re gonna roll down. Okay, we’re gonna do these at the end of every episode here on this, but single series: squeeze your thighs squeeze your butt squeeze your Hips squeeze your core neck and shoulders. Come off arms right in front of you, and you’re.

Just gonna pulse right here, breathe, Breathe, make sure you keep your legs locked you’re squeezing those booties cheeks together Your lower back slightly coming off the ground and back We’re doing 50 reps.

Stay with me last burnout 25 to go breed 8/9. Last 15. Here we go and Ten nine eight seven six burn it. Five, four three two and one Awesome job.

You guys rolling up all the way. Slowly coming up. We’re gonna cool it down a little bit here. Awesome job targeting those hamstrings come up nice and slow around the front of your mat. We’re gonna take a deep breath in inhale.

We’re gonna exhale we’re gonna go back to this spinal rotation. Another thing that you’ll often see in these butts and gut series, So good for stretching out your cork, bringing out your waistline stretching out your core stretching out the back of the leg, the hamstring, your IT band Another one, and then we’re gonna switch directions open up the chest and out of direction: Here we go one couple worn to bringing out the waistline spinal rotation. Three Inhale Open up the chest.

Thank you, guys so much for joining in on futzing gut series, one with Milena fitness until next time have a great rest of your workouts. What’s up Jim ray, it’s Laura Myron We just finished filming our good morning, Salutation 15 minutes of yoga.

You cannot tell me that you don’t have 15 minutes, get your butt out of bed 15 minutes earlier. It makes a huge difference in how you feel and your focus and your energy and your body 15 minutes a day. I know you can do this.

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Ways to Get Rid Of Lower Stubborn Belly Fat – A Flat Stubborn Belly in a Month

Do you actually require to understand the methods to remove lower tummy fat? If your response is yes, then you read the right short article simply to deal with you all the essential info and to take instant efficient action to lose your lower stubborn belly fat. You need to begin someplace and something, due to the fact that lower stubborn belly fat is the source of heart disease, hypertension, stroke and diabetic concerns.

Start now with these basic actions for a healthy life;

1) Cardio workout just will not provide you a big effect on losing your lower stomach fat. Your diet plan is similarly crucial. What you can begin now is for diet plan:

a) Choose food like broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, celery, celery roots, cucumbers, egg plant, garlic, mushrooms, olive and avocados.

b) Choose fruits like, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, limes and lemons.

c) Choose drinks like clear broth or bouillon, decaf coffee, natural tea (unsweetened), water and flavored soda water (unsweetened).

d) Nuts and seeds like nuts: macadamia are the most affordable in carb, cashews and pecans are greatest and seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, flax). Fats and oils like Olive Oil, natural, cold pushed, walnut oil, cold pushed, sesame oil, cold pushed and flax oil, cold pushed.

2) Another simple method is, do not eat anything 3 to 4 hours prior to going to sleep. This is due to the fact that when you prepare to rest or sleep at a specific time that you have actually been practicing, your metabolic process rate will reduce. When you metabolic process rate reductions, then your body system will never ever going to burn your fat or calories. All the fats from the food will be packed in your tummy if you take in food at this time. Simply attempt not to take any food prior to sleeping.

3) Start to consume more water. Why? A bit insight about water to the body. Check out thoroughly. Physical fat consists of 15% of water whereas muscles includes 75% water. When you begin to consume more water it eliminates contaminants in your entire body. Your body inhabits more water therefore lowering physical fat when contaminants are gotten rid of. If the more fat you have the less water maintains in your body. The more water you have the less fat maintains in your body. Consume more water.

4) Do workout like squats and push-ups. These sort of workout will significantly decrease your lower tummy fat.

Make a long time on your own after checking out and follow all these actions. You will have the ability to see lead to a month time.

These actions has actually shown to minimize your stomach fat in a effective and really quick method. Think me, great deals of them began understanding how everything works when I discuss. There is constantly methods for whatever.

Do you truly require to understand the methods to remove lower stubborn belly fat? If your response is yes, then you are checking out the appropriate post simply to cater to you all the crucial details and to take instant reliable action to lose your lower stomach fat. You have to begin someplace and something, since lower stubborn belly fat is the root cause of cardiovascular illness, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetic problems.

1) Cardio workout just will not offer you a substantial effect on losing your lower stubborn belly fat. If you take in food at this time, all the fats from the food will be packed in your tummy.

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