11 Ways on How to Lose Your Postpartum Belly


11 Ways on How to Lose Your Postpartum Belly

In this video, I’m gonna show you 11 ways on how to lose your postpartum belly stay tuned. Hi, I’m Linda Poirier, …

helping you to fit into those jeans, get your sexy back and find that life of happy. When I had my last son, I was super frustrated at my belly. I had gained a lot of weight. I gained 54 pounds with him. I wasn’t one of those women that just put on her pre-pregnancy jeans before or I should say after giving birth.

It took me a long time I was actually in maternity clothes for over six months, so I understand how upsetting it can be when you first have a baby, but let’s get right into it and all explain the 11 ways that you can help your postpartum belly. So number one is to check for diastasis recti a lot of doctors. Do not explain it to you.

In fact, the majority of doctors do not explain it to new mommies or pregnant mommies, and all that is simply an ab separation down your Linea Alba, which is just the middle of your abs and going all the way down. I have more explanations in a video up here on how to check for diastasis recti, but you want to make sure that you do check for it, because that will hinder your progress in getting your belly down.

Number two is ditch the sit ups. The first thing we think of is I got to do more sit ups I got at, get that belly down, but really you’re wrecking yourself and mummies. No, no! No! No!

No! No sit ups get rid of the sit ups, no planking, no downward dog. Anything that puts pressure on your stomach is a no-no. Now, as you progress, and you close that gap up in your tummy and you get stronger in your core you’ll be able to do planking but you’d be doing planking the right way. So I highly suggest get rid of anything like that.

That will put that added pressure and what I want to show you is just a little bit of a visual, so you know, so I’m going to take the zip lock. This represents the middle of your stomach you’re, the line that goes down and, if you’re doing a sit-up right like you’re crunching up its going out, so your crease eating more of a gap and everything’s coming out of there and it’s just that’s what gives you the Poochie effect, okay, so we just want to stay away from those number three is have nutrient loaded, meals and snacks, you’re just coming from delivery, or maybe it’s been a while since you’ve been postpartum, but your body needs to heal.

It’s been through the wringer pretty much in the last well, forty two weeks. For me it was all right for teeth. I was forty-two weeks, so it’s been through the wringer, so you need to heal.

You are not gonna heal from eating toast crusts from your toddler or hamburgers, or you know, junky food. You need those neat nutrients to heal and you know what they are for the most part right I mean it’s not rocket science and – and I know you need a little bit of help and that’s okay, you could have smoothies, you can add veggies, you can pre.

Do them and put them in a Tupperware there’s a lot of ways you can do them. I every morning we’ll have a nutritious shake I’ll put the link down below if you’re interested make sure your day is balanced. Nobody says you have to be perfect, but you really do want to get those nutrients in your body is going to respond way faster, you’re going to feel better you’re gonna have more energy and that will carry through and less cravings, and we all know what That does to us.

Okay, so make sure you have that nutrient loaded meals, don’t worry about the calories so much, but make sure you’re eating nutritious food. Now, what I do to make my life way easier is in the morning I wake up, and I have a meal replacement, shake it’s clean, there’s no crap in it! No fillers! That’s what you want to look for! No fillers high protein.

That’s gonna help with that weight loss as well, and I’ll put a link below. If you guys want to see what I have, number four is use a belly wrap. I use this after I had my baby, and actually I use this before I had my baby, because I was getting kind of back pain. How was big, like I gained that 55 pounds toys just I was just really big. I was as big wide as I was tall pretty much so all I used was is called a belly band.

It and I’ll show you the package. I keep every package, I’m kind of weird that way, but that’s what I look like. It’s called the upside belly, and it’s its the belly bandit brand. I love this for support because I would wear it this way where this would be in the back, and this would be in the front when I was pregnant and then, when I wasn’t pregnant, had the baby I turned it around, so this part was supporting the Front and then it just felt rows at the back, and this one in particular. I know there are different styles and that kind of thing, but this particular one, the up sie belly came with a little cold pack and you can also heat it.

So, it was nice to put either on your back, and it just slips I’ll show you it just slips into the pocket right there. If you can see it, hopefully it’s up enough, and you put it in there, and then it has instructions on the back.

So, what’s really cool about this is that I liked it because it kept me snug and when you use these, it helps compress your stomach and help support it, and you feel all round better and I want to say it makes you feel like you want to have better posture, you can wear this underneath your shirt or over top of your shirt, you wear it all day, all night I noticed like if I skip today, then if I almost felt like my belly was getting back to like back out, so you got to Keep on it, but it makes you feel better, and it keeps you from kind of you.

Don’t you know when you have it on there, you can’t really slouch, which is great and it won’t wreck that diastasis, which is like that zip lock. I showed you, the other thing is make sure you take your measurements before you order one I got cocky, I’m a small.

I can order a small, no problem. It was okay when it was for my under my belly, but when the baby was born is like. Oh geez, a little tight and one of the things I was surprised as because the way my belly was shaped, it almost didn’t cover everything just because it was shaped different as you’re getting down. You know after you have baby, so don’t be alarmed, but definitely measure. Maybe even get to that way, you can have one for when you’re going lower and when you yeah a little bit bigger, so belly wrap highly recommend it.

Okay, the next one, is be careful on how you get out of bed and into bed. That’s also the way you sit up. I will do a future video on this. I have this set to go pretty quick here. What you want to do is not jaqen, I felt so you don’t want to just lay in bed and then put lifts up and go if that makes sense, you want to slide your body sideways and then turn and slide back and then up.

I know it’s hard, it’s kind of confusing, but I will do a video dedicated just to that’s to show you how to do it. You could be doing all these things, all the right things and then it’s the way you’re getting out of bed and sitting and holding your baby or nursing. That is hindering your progress. Number six is scrub your belly. I know that necessarily won’t mean you would lose your belly.

However, if you stimulate your body and your skin by scrubbing it now, you do it in circles, you get the body poof and you go in circles, and you can do this in the shower. You can have a scrub, because this also will help with the grayish color skin. I know after I had my little one. I didn’t think anything of it, but I started scrubbing. I was like, oh my goodness.

I look kind of gray. My skin was kind of gray, so I send my belly button, so I would scrub it and it just it. Just brought the healing to the surface. You know that blood flow and makes everything better. You can also put some coconut oil on there to moisturize your stomach.

I know a lot of you may have stretch marks. I did too and they’re gonna be red for a while, if you’re lucky and didn’t have one, then you’re really lucky yeah, just, just taking care of the belly, and it makes you kind of feel good cuz you’re doing something for yourself and you’re doing something. Nice for something that you’re not too fond of so number.

Seven leads me in to take care of your insides and what I mean by that is our bodies go through crazy time right during pregnancy and our organs get shifted and everything gets shifted. But a lot of people have problems with their digestion after they have a baby, and so certain foods they’ll be sensitive to or they are sensitive without knowing it, and it’s just heightened.

So if you want to be sure to get rid of that belly or bring it down, it’s important to concentrate on that digestion, so just be mindful of what you’re eating, if you’re starting to not feel good after you have certain amount of foods or certain kinds Of foods start eliminating them, you know the culprits are usually gluten dairy, be mindful of what it is and just try and eliminate them, and you might find that your tummy’s going down a lot faster than you thought.

Other things to notice is the way you feel like. I said, if your stomach just doesn’t feel right if you’re feeling extra tired, even though I know with a baby, I mean you’re gonna be tired, but there are some symptoms, um skin issues. That kind of thing, so take care of your insides. I use a essential oil and that just calms my tummy down it’s a blend.

I really, really like it. I’ve been super impressed. I’ve been trying for the last month, and I just I really like it. You could also be sure to take probiotics and the shakes that I mentioned earlier. I take that has live digestive enzymes that will help break down your food that’ll help you also absorb that protein, and it’s really super healthy for you.

Okay, next number, eight is water. Water, water, you got to have lots of water flush out those toxins get that fat moving and hydrate yourself. That’s gonna make your skin look better too. If you’re one of those mummies that do not like water, you can easily just put some slices of fruit in there. You can do lemon and basil and all this stuff to make it taste better.

I sometimes pop teabags and water and just flash and go no big deal. If you have any other ideas, you can pop them below to help because a lot of people struggle with this. So, how much do you take you? Take half of your weight in ounces. Number nine.

Now this might surprise you a little bit, and it’s scrapping the tight pants, and you might think yeah. Oh, I can’t even get my pants on right. Have you ever seen where some people – or maybe this happens to you – you get on like tight jeans, you’re wearing them and over time, like you’re a fat kind of molds? On top of your jeans? Well, you’re actually training your fat to basically live there and there’s a whole science behind it has to do with fascia and all this, but you guys might be scratching your head.

So I’m just gonna give you the basics: don’t wear tight underwear? Don’t wear tight jeans, tight pants, make sure they’re just loose enough so that when you’re sitting down it’s not creating that extra tightness, because your bellies gonna mold to that is gonna stay there. We don’t want that right, so scrap it number. Ten don’t bash yourself; it is so easy to get up in the morning. You have your shower.

You look in the mirror and you’re like right and you’re, so disappointed how you look, how you feel it’s gross like your belly, at least when you’re pregnant, and it was nice and tight. Now it’s like jiggly and all these things right. I’ve been through this. So, this is how I know don’t bash yourself, because if you focus on that you’re gonna get more of that, so you focus on. Oh, I hate my stomach.

I hate how it looks gross. I look gross, I feel gross then you’re just gonna get more of that. So be gentle. Look at yourself to some other body part that you do like and focus on that, while you’re you know dealing with these things, but what you focus on you find and what you focus on seems real, and it’s just gonna get worse and worse. So don’t bash yourself go easy too.

Nobody expects you, you know, you know it took ten months pretty much to gain that weight, and it’s gonna take some time to get it off that I know for sure cuz. My 55 pounds took quite a while and finally, number 11 is sleep. This is super-duper important for weight, loss or reducing that mummy, tummy or postpartum belly. Now, a lot of you guys are probably like. Oh my like for real, because you have.

You have kids even toddlers, they get up the middle of the night, but if you can fall asleep or set your alarm to go asleep at 10:30 and then of course, if you have to wake up with the baby and your little ones all you know, I understand that, but if you can try and get your butt to bed by 10:30 that’ll set you up for success the next day, so you’re not tired, because what happens when you’re tired, you eat more crappy food, you’re too tired to prep any meals. You want to avoid drinking your water and all kinds of things right. It just gets to be a mess so 10:30. There are things that can help. You fall asleep.

Maybe you do a little bit of lavender essential oils on your feet. I sometimes use also a sleep spray, it’s just you know, I’m not every day, but it has melatonin in it and a couple of other things, and I really like it, but only when my rhythm, you know, is kind of funky, but the goal is to keep your Body as Stressless as possible, and that’s it eleven ways to help you lose your postpartum belly comment below. Let me know what one that helps you the most. What you would like to see in the next video and tell me a little bit about yourself, because I love to hear from my subscribers and don’t forget to subscribe, hit that subscribe button click. The notification bell – and I look forward to seeing you in the next video thank you so much for watching until next time.

All that is a simple hi. Jada, okay, you got at get down if you’re putting pressure on it. No, I don’t want to do that. There don’t do that. Their number three is what is number three okay, the next one is be careful on how you get out of bed and into bed.

That’s also the way you set up some symptoms, my cats, making noises jack

How to Get a Flat Belly After Pregnancy

At the end of nine months of pregnancy, new mothers are always pleased to provide their infants. Right away after delivery, they deal with the pain of dealing with a sagging stomach. For a woman, a great appearance is constantly desirable particularly in social conferences. After you provide your baby, you wish to return to work and be able to attend to your commitments without fretting about how you look. For those who have questions on how to get a flat stomach after pregnancy, here are useful tips for you.

Increase your intake of natural foods and water

Most of the fat comes from the food you consume throughout the pregnancy. To get rid of it in a natural method you have to change what you eat. Change the volume of processed food with natural foods like fruits, veggies and nuts.

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Embark on an exercise regime

You can not change your consuming habits and fail to work out then still expect to get a flat stomach. The two things should go together. Considering that you are a new mother, you will need to stay with your baby at most of the time and it is most likely that you will not get time to exercise in the standard method.

Just fit your workout regime into your existing schedule with new types. For example, you can take up swimming, sign up with an aerobics group and even dance to your preferred music with your child daily. The crucial thing is to keep moving and stretch out your abdominal muscle. Do some cardio workouts and take up yoga when you get time. Feel in one’s bones that it will spend some time for your stomach to be flat again.

Continue to breast feed

Your body has a natural response to the post pregnancy circumstance of your stomach. It relies on hormonal triggers that will assist you have a flat stomach. Among the hormonal agents that help to diminish the stomach after pregnancy is oxytocin. When you breastfeed, the secretion of the hormone takes place and it triggers your uterus to diminish. Breastfeeding signals completion of pregnancy; so, keep doing it after you give birth.

Follow the advice gone over above and you will soon have the ability to suit your favorite pre-pregnancy clothing. You can then go on with your life with a best body shape just as you used to when you were not bring an infant. You can make yourself a star when you inform other brand-new mothers about your success at keeping fit after pregnancy. Because of your flat stomach, do not be surprised if you suddenly become a feeling amongst your pals and enjoy some star status.

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