10 Min Morning Routine to Burn Belly Fat | No Jumping


10 Min Morning Routine to Burn Belly Fat

Today’s video is a full body, routine, that’s low-impact and not too intense. It is the perfect workout star. Today we have to get that fat burning going. As always, it goes all daily schedule which you can find on my website and remember guys.

You’re not alone in this you’ve got a schedule, I’m giving you meal ideas, and I’m also going to be live-streaming workout sessions on Twitch this month.

So, you’ve got everything in the, including this amazing community, so smash that thumbs up button and let’s get sweaty. We’ve got 17 exercises today, 30 seconds on and 5 seconds off, we’re starting with knee pull, extend your arms and one leg behind. You then bring your leg towards your chest. Make sure you squeeze your abs when you bring your leg in, now on to the other side.

Next, we are doing a side lunge into a curtsy lunge, make sure you go slow and easy on your ankle. Guys now on to the other side, now get down on your knees and climb up and back down again remember to engage your core here and feel that burn, get into a high plank position, we’re doing Superman planks Where you lift one arm up straight and also the opposite leg, make sure you keep your core tight and try to stay balanced.

Now get up, and we’re doing a squat, followed by a front. Kick keep pushing through guys he’s doing well, and we’re almost halfway. There now time for some crabs squat, get into the squat position as you take a step forward and backward for each leg.

Now stand upright, and we’re going to walk down into a push-up position and do a push-up and walk back up. If you can’t do a push-up just leave the push-up out, yeah tell us your funny when a glossary song for the multimeter, I’m a flex, they just won the clue.

I was poor ago. You sure did Napoleon we’re in a high plank position, we’re doing some mountain climbers. I know a lot of you guys, don’t like this exercise, but it’s here, cuz, it’s effective and the more you do it.

The easier you’ll get, now get into a side plank position and get your arms straight and curl it below. You remember to tighten up your core muscles as you curl in for the easier version just do it on your knees: Now onto the other side, well, Sorry!

Are we going, just5more exercises to go guys, we’ve got corkscrew next, get into a high plank and turn to your side? Having your opposite feet and hand me and then turn and do the opposite side, make sure you keep your core tight. Now sit on your butt and lean back slightly, and we’re doing in and out, try to keep your feet above.

The ground, if you can and engage that core, keep pushing guys not long to go. Now get into a reverse plank, and we’re doing some meetups for low-impact.

Just do a tabletop position and lift yourself up and down, we’re almost near the end, get into a high plank position, and we’re doing some shoulder taps.

Yes, doing really well guys, just one more exercise after this. I wish last exercise, we’re doing reverse lunge if you made it this far, there’s no point quitting now: let’s mash this, and that’s the workout guys, don’t forget to smash that like button.

So, this video reaches more people that need it I’ll see you in the next workout you can do a cool-down or an ab workout or follow the daily schedule from a program, and I’ll see you soon.

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