10 Min Lower Abs Workout | BURN Lower Belly Fat | Free Flat Belly Program

10 Min Lower Abs Workout | BURN Lower Belly Fat | Free Flat Belly Program

Everyone welcome back So today’s workout is 10 minutes, lower ab workout, And if you want to smash that little ABS you’ve gotta, try this workout out You’re gonna feel it.

This workout is part of my free 30 days flat. Belly challenge So feel free to join it. But if you want to do this on his own, it’s totally fine as well, And let’s jump straight into it before we start I’ll, really appreciate it. If?

You could smash that thumbs up. Button drop me a comment and share this free workup program with anyone who needs it Now lie flat on the mat and, let’s start this workout with reverse crunch variation: Have your hands next to your hips and push your hips up using your core muscles, then, as You come back down, extend your legs you’re going to immediately feel this on your lower abs and Also your entire ABS.

Also, if you can’t finish 40 seconds of any exercises, You can try with 30 seconds first or 20 seconds and take along the break. It’s totally okay, We all need to start from somewhere. Next we have three levels: crisscross that we can put our legs upwards and crisscross them three times and bring your legs down a little and cross them three times again and lastly, cross our legs.

Another three times At the lowest level and bring your legs back up and repeat, also make sure you keep your back flat on the mat and not arch, so that you don’t injure your lower back. You can lift your upper body a little to help with that or your palms on your butt, Not on your back, really engage and work those ABS guys.

Next, we got downward dog knee tucks, We’re just going from a downward dog position and bring those knees towards your elbows and really engaging those lower abs. This is a little easier than the previous two, So keep going guys Now lie on your back again as we’ve got frog press next, put your hands behind your head or to your side and pull your legs in Remember, to focus and engage on your lower abs.

Here and not your legs, while working the lower abs here guys Next, we’ve got V up, keep your arms and legs straight at all time and use your core muscles to get up into a V position.

If you find this too difficult, just do it slow, or you can keep your knees bent to start with, keep going guys. You can do this Next. We’ve got cross-body climbers, Bring those knees towards your opposite. Elbows. Do this as fast as you can and again focus and engage on those abs?

The next exercise is elbows cycle, lie on your elbows and keep cycling. I hate to say this again but focus on those lower abs, or else your muscle memory may just work on your legs. Instead, We are halfway through the workout guys, just five more minutes Now get back on the plank position we’ve got plank to squat.

Next Now lie on your back again and while doing some jackknife, you’re touching your feet and your hands without bending those elbows and knees, give it a couple of pulses each time to really work. Those abs Now sit up and, while doing U-boat, basically join a Semicircle with your feet and try to go as slow as you can to feel that burn.

The burn is insane, But you can do it take a little break in between if you need to Just two more exercises to go guys, we’ve got leg raise next, and we’re almost done. Try to keep your legs straight at all time and your back flat on the mat And the last exercises roll-ups give this everything you’ve got guys.

We’ve come all this way, so don’t give up now and that’s the workout guys Congrats If you’re feeling that burn in your abs smash that thumbs up button, Smash it real hard And also, please do leave me a comment If you’re not subscribed yet smash that subscribe button and turn on notifications, and I’ll see you guys in the next video Bye

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