10 min LOWER AB WORKOUT FOR BELLY FAT BURN! No Equipment ◆ Emi ◆

10 min LOWER AB WORKOUT FOR BELLY FAT BURN! No Equipment ◆ Emi ◆

Hi, I am Emi First, thank you, Audible for sponsoring this video, and I’ll. Give you guys a little bit more details at the end of the video, So it’s time for another, lower abs workout.

Many of you really like my previous ones, and you want some new exercises to work on this area. While you ask – and I am here to deliver – and this workout is super fun – It only takes 10 minutes of your time, So no excuses And if you’re ready.

Let’s go 10 exercises 45 seconds, each Focus on your goals, and let’s get this done, We are kick starting.

The lower belly burns with “ Reversed Ab Bike” We’re doing it slow here for more burn, Lie on the floor Hands under or next to your bum Legs lifted. As you bend one knee towards yourself and extend the other leg, a few inches off the floor.

This is just like the reversed motion of riding a bike. Both legs are off the floor during the whole exercise. Try your best to work, your lower abs and press. Your entire back on the floor without arching up, do it slow and controlled to The closer.

You extend your leg to the floor, the more it burns Good work on getting the first one done. Second exercise: We are continuing the burn in the lower abs, with “ Leg. Extension” Same starting position using the power in your lower abs to lift both legs off the floor.

Pull both knees in bending at around 90-degree angle, then extend your legs together straight to a few inches off the floor. Again, our legs are not touching the floor.

The whole time, But the closer they are to the floor, the more it works. The lower abs, If you are a beginner, you can have them lifted higher, No problem, but challenge yourself to lower them as much as possible.

You can feel the burn in the lower belly area. That’s what we want. No dropping, keep going.

The third exercise is “ Leg Raise to Reversed Crunch” to hit the lower abs in different angles, Same starting position using your lower abs to lift both legs up perpendicular to the floor, Then crunching.

The abs Lift your butt off the floor Feet pointing towards the sky, then lower your hip to the ground and legs back down to a few inches off the floor Again feet not touching the floor until timer is up, enjoy the burn focus on crunching.

Your lower abs in every rep, keep breathing. You are doing really good so far, don’t let the burn stop, And we are getting up for our fourth exercise. “ Knee to Elbow Plank” Start in high plank position.

Crunching, your abs, bring one knee towards your elbow on the same side. This is one rep Alternate side for 45 seconds. Here we are doing it slow and controlled for the ultimate burn. You should feel it in your inner and lower belly for each rep. I know this is tough, I am dying here, but I will keep going No pain, no gain.

You want the results, You gotta put in the work in 10 seconds. Almost their hold on 4 down 6 to go, Fifth exercise is “ V Uphold” Holds are the best for burn tough but effective. So let’s get into it sitting up, contracting your abs to lift your legs up as you reach your arms straightforward.

To balance yourself, Your body is in a V shape, hold it there doesn’t drop The more. You extend your feet towards the floor, the harder it is, hold it.

You are stronger than you think, this is what gives you the lower abs burn. So hang in there. Don’t give up, We are almost done 10 seconds And we are halfway through Sixth exercise. We are lying back down for “ Flutter Kick”.

This time we are making the burn more intense, but having your hands on your tummy with head and shoulders lifted off the floor. As you tighten your abs to raise your legs up and make small rapid up and down scissor-like motions with your legs By having your head and shoulders up, It helps press your back onto the floor and focus the burn in the lower belly.

The closer your feet are to the floor, the harder and more burn it is. I know this is super tough. You can see. My legs are pretty high up here as well. Just try your best.

If you can go lower, The key is not dropping the legs to the floor until timer is up, come on. You can do it a few more seconds to go And we are on to our seventh exercise: “ Windmill”, to hit our lower abs from all angles, for a complete burn, Hands below or next to your bum lift your legs up with slight bend in the knees.

Then make a big circle as big as you can from one side to another. Without touching your feet back to the floor, then rotate back to the other side. You will feel the burn all around the lower abs from side to center, and that’s our goal.

You are doing great, keep pushing keep making big circles No stopping 10 seconds Another one done Only 3. More left. Eighth is “ Leg Raise Pulses”.

This is similar to “ Leg Raise”, but instead of lifting our legs all the way from bottom to 90-degree angle, We are pulsing up and down in small motions mid-air. This is definitely harder than normal, “ Leg Raises”, But it works even more.

The closer the movements are to the ground, the crazier the burn would be, Although even mine are pretty high up. My lower abs are getting very sore at this point, But challenge yourself, see what your body can do.

Only 2 more minutes to go. Ninth is “ Leg, Raise Hold” to give an extra burn to our lower abs after the pulses Basically hold your legs straight up together in mid-air for 45 seconds Again, the lower they are, the harder it is and the more burn you get. You get what you work for, Hold it Just like Chad, said hold.

It guys, keep your legs down and off the floor legs as straight as possible. This burn is going to be worth it. We want flat belly slim waist, lower abs. Then we gotta work for it. No put it back down 20 seconds, put it back down.

And we are on to our final exercise: “ V Up and Down” for the maximum burn, sit up hands behind your bum, supporting your torso up, raise both legs up with slight bend in the knees then working the abs rock your legs up and down, while keeping Them off the floor, This is so hard.

But I said it before, and I will say it again: No pain, no gain Hard work and determination is what gets you to success. If it’s easy, everyone will have abs, So work hard. Believe in yourself.

You can do it Only a couple more seconds to go And we’re done Good job for not giving up. You did amazing, keep working hard, and the results will come Remember to “ Like”, “, Comment”, “, Subscribe” and press the bell button.

So, you won’t miss my awesome videos coming your way. Bye Bye Before you go stretch out the abs and, as promised, here’s more info about Audible, where you can listen to your books, wherever you are, with the biggest selections of audiobooks ever Basically, you can listen to it when you are working out, stretching cooking walking or Whatever you do.

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