10 MIN BASIC HIIT – killer High Intensity routine, standard exercises I Pamela Reif

10 MIN BASIC HIIT – killer High Intensity routine, standard exercises I Pamela Reif

How To Get One of the most Out Of HIIT Training

OK so you simply registered for Class Pass or a brand-new health club and you wish to take a look at some classes.

You’ve heard that HIIT training is awesome and it’s all the rage so choose to give it a try, but then you freeze– since you’ve likewise heard it can include sprinting and doing Burpees and other workouts to the point of wishing to puke (sorry however it’s genuine) so you hold back another week up until you feel you are strong enough or fit enough to make it through the class. And then another week goes by … and another …

If the above describes you– this post is for you!

And if you’re that person who is already doing HIIT classes however wishes to get more out of them this article is likewise for you!

Initially what exactly is HIIT training anyhow?

Basically HIIT means high strength interval training and it truly can vary in format and program style depending upon what studio or gym you go to take a class but the primary part that remains consistent is that it’s timed bursts of movements/exercises done at complete out effort with extremely time-outs in between.

The result is an elevated heart rate for a longer amount of time than your basic weight lifting or consistent state cardio session which in turn burns more fat in less time.

In fact, it’s a bit more scientific than that and involves EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) and a couple of other things– but that’s a subject for a various article.

This post is to arm you with a couple of quick tips to ensure you maximize your HIIT workout each and every time.

Let’s jump right in but keeping in mind that the class format will vary from studio to studio in this post I am focusing on the HIIT class formats that use treadmills for sprints combined with floor exercises.

Given that I am based in Beverly Hills, California here are the local LA based studios that offer this design– I’m sure there are more but these are the primary ones I am most familiar with.

Burn60 Studios – full disclosure – I prefer this one since I likewise take place to teach here.

Barry’s Bootcamp

Sweat Garage

Circuit Works

Here’s my 6 quick pointers for squashing every HIIT exercise:

1. Know your body and listen to it:

Simply put know your restrictions – which can vary from day to day. I always remind my class students to do a body scan and inspect in to see if its a “yes day” or a “no day”.

If all pistons are shooting and everything feels excellent to go – that’s a “yes day” and this is the time to press extra tough. If you scan your body and things are a bit throbbing or you feel a twinge in your knee or your back etc. this is what I call a “no day”.

This doesn’t indicate you don’t workout, it just means you customize the high impact exercises and/or keep back a bit so you do not run the risk of an injury.

In this manner you still benefit from the gift of motion however you honor your body along the way.

You will still leave sensation much better than when you walked through the door but you walk out – rather than limp out.

A side note to that – when having a “no day” and need to customize the exercises sure things are pushups (offering you don’t have shoulder issues) or crunches or slab holds – and then join the class once again when the next exercise suits what your body is able to do.

The most essential thing is to keep moving (unless in plank which requires a more static position).

2. Handling Your Sprints:.

Look lets face it – not everybody’s BODY can handle sprints – whether from wear and tear or chronic injuries; however whatever the case may be – I’m here to tell you it’s OKAY, you can still benefit considerably from this type of HIIT class.

There are so many alternatives on the treadmill. As somebody who has a persistent recurring 15 year old hamstring injury – flat sprinting does not constantly agree with my body so I have actually developed some enjoyable and incredibly reliable calorie burning alternatives.

The two main things I do to get my heart rate up and burn tons of calories are:.

1) get and hold 3-5 pound dumbbells while walking with your slope someplace between 8-15% at a speed in between 3.0 – 3.8.

2) Do the very same runs as the group but on an incline.

For instance. If it’s a 30 2nd flat sprint where you may typically do 10.5 mph – take the incline to 6% and run at 6.0 miles per hour or more.

Trust me – your heart rate will still get very high! This has made all the difference in my training since doing my runs in this manner and I have not re-injured my hamstring and still feel incredible after every treadmill exercise. And ps … yes, you still get the endorphin high!

As an aside – some women in my classes have asked me “will my thighs get bigger from running or strolling on a slope?” The response is NO!

In all my 20 years as an individual trainer and fitness expert I have actually never seen somebody’s legs grow from doing slope running or strolling.

Consider it – the number of hikers have big legs? Of all the women (and men) in LA who religiously trek Runyon Canyon day in and out, often two times a day, do you understand any with huge muscular thighs from treking?

Now perhaps if you ran uphill for hours at a time day after day you would develop bigger legs but even then its skeptical as females simply do not produce enough testosterone for it.

However I digress and that’s yet once again an entire other post.

And to truly put my suggestions to the test, get a heart rate monitor (my favorite is the F4 by Polar) and see just how much your heart rate spikes when you add weights to your incline walking and when you do incline sprints.

You will be a follower in one session and in return maintain your body for the long run of benefiting and delighting in from HIIT training classes.

3. Existing injuries or body problems:.

This is so crucial – make certain to constantly inform the teacher if you have any issues so we can keep an eye out for you and give you modifications where needed.

Likewise, so that we do not press you to do more than your body must be doing in that moment.

Give us the chance to support you anywhere you’re at!


Keep in mind physical fitness should be an enjoyable lifelong undertaking so set yourself up for a happy and healthy journey!

4. How light or heavy:.

When choosing your weights/equipment for class, if it’s not clear what the weights will be utilized for, you can always grab two sets a lighter and much heavier set – by doing this you don’t need to break your stride or momentum if throughout an exercise you recognize you’re tired and need to drop weight or conversely, you feel extremely strong and wish to go up in weight on the next set and so on

. Appropriate weight selection will make a huge difference in the class however be patient with yourself as you may not constantly know immediately what weights you require for some workouts even with a suggested weight from the instructor as everyone’s strength differs.

5. The Number Of HIIT Classes Per Week:.

Well this can be a challenging response since everyone is different and has different body concerns and life stress factors and so on however in general if you are that person that pushes all out in every class I recommend no more than 3-4 a week.

If you wish to do more than that accept addressing a less energetic effort and be OK with that or trust me on this – your body will eventually break down physically and/or you will experience training burnout which is a comparable mental sensation to a low grade anxiety or comparable just general lethargy.

Both of these are the opposite of what your physical fitness journey should be about.

When you restrict the times weekly you do HIIT training you will eagerly anticipate it that far more and give more each class eventually causing better results.

Think of if your preferred dessert, like in my case, anything covered in peanut butter, coconut and bananas were offered to you each and every single night, ultimately it would lose its allure and your desire for it would gradually disappear (well perhaps however often less is MORE.

KEEP IN MIND: Of course there will constantly be that superhuman individual who can go and defy this suggestion 6 times a week and never sustain an injury or state of mind changes. Hats off to you whoever you are!!6. Honoring YOU:

Lastly, and I believe this is the most crucial thing – remember, it’s not you versus the person beside you on the treadmill or the flooring since we never ever understand their journey or their background and comparing yourself does not serve you in the greatest method possible.

Throughout class – it’s you versus you – and I don’t even like to utilize the word versus – as it’s more about YOU in support of YOU – doing more and much better every time.

That’s the true meaning of progress. After all “practice makes progress”.

In each class your objective must be to do the very best you can provided what your body can on that day.

As I get all set to end this short article I realize there are so many other suggestions I want to share – so stay tuned for a part deux to this post.

In the meantime – know that when you stroll into your very first or your next HIIT class, in my simple viewpoint, you’re in the right location at the right time as I really feel HIIT classes are not only the fastest method to get fit, sexy and strong however also the most enjoyable!

What are you waiting for– walk, run or lunge to your nearest class and get your HIIT on! And hopefully, one day you will even end up in mine!

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